Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jethro Cave

I'm still undecided about Jethro (son of Nick) Cave - sometimes he looks simply amazing (naive/wild, masculine/androgynous) but sometimes I see shots and think "what's with all the hype". So the jury is out so far, but these shots are certainly tipping him in my favor.

Source: The Fashion Spot

Louis Vuitton: Fall/Winter 09 Campaign

I'm loving the Louis Vuitton campaign shots for Fall 09 that have been sneaking out - they are a surreal trip, which I always love. They almost look solarized. Awesome.

Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 09/10 

Madonna by Steven Meisel

La Chanel Rose

Although Chanel IS black and white - especially black when it comes to the iconic 2.55 bags - I do love a baby pink Chanel anything, soft and feminine. And the girlyness contrasts with the classic primness that is one of the key features of the brand.
Source: Chanel

Chloe: Fall/Winter 09 Campaign

Woke up do to find one of Chloe's fall/winter 09 campaign shots is out (on the net anyway). And its beautiful - but then again I didn't expect anything less because I LOVED the collection and what Hannah MacGibbon has been doing in general, and when are Chloe campaigns ever not mind blowingly awesome?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Resort 2010: Karen Walker

These are my fave looks from Karen Walker's resort collection. Loving the asymmetric ruffles, the drapey, collapsed puff sleeves and the fabrics! Molten bronze, navy lace and sheer spots. Lovely. The jeans are also too cute.

Lacey Legs

Rumi from Fashion Toast just posted these insanely awesome lace bell bottoms. I NEED SOME. like asap. They are  Lace Flair Pants by With Hearts In My Eyes (available at Bona Drag).

I'm thinking I may DIY a pair (have got leggings in my to-sew pile so these should be simple). The tight thighed bell bottom silhouette has been seriously growing on me ever since seeing the mindblowing tie dye pair in Balmain's Spring 08 collection - I think they work best when not done in denim actually.
Source: Fashion Toast


This is awesome. Bodysuits, Chanel, cigarettes and sunnies on a pilates reformer. I heart French Vogue

Ps: am back to Pilates classes now its the holidays and I don't have class - am hobbling around with sore thighs. So good to be back.

Pps: wish I looked like this doing bridges or downward-dogs.

Vogue Paris April 2005 "Corps Domte" 

Source: Ru Glamour

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sweet Child Of Mine

Our girl Abbey Lee just gets better and better. Her new(ish) fringe is growing on me (hah. Yes I went there). Love the bodycon leather - and how it refrains from bordering on vulgar or sleazy.

Vogue Nippon August 09  "Sweet Child of Mine" 

Abbey Lee by Terry Richardson

Source: Ru Glamour

28/06/09: Net-A-Porter

Dark and interesting never fails. Soft fur and rough leather in semi-primal finishes work so well with feminine lace and cool metals. And that owl clutch as just awesome.
Clockwise: 3.1 Philip Lim Leather Flight jacket, Stella McCartney Lauren Whistling bra, Donna Karen Shearling Reversible Vest, Balmain Triple Strand belt, Chloe Elsie lurex shoulder bag, Judith Leiber Owl crystal-embellished clutch.
Source: Net-A-Porter

Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P: Farrah Fawcett

Featuring: Lisa Marie Fernandez Jasmine Crop Tank bikini, Stella McCartney Spring 08.

Clockwise: MiH Jeans Marrakesh Flared Jeans, Splendid Cotton Racer Back tank, Steve Alan Cotton Shirt, Marni Crossed Slingback sandals, Steve Alan Plaid Boyfriend fit shirt, Kain Silk Blend tank, Calvin Klein Twist Front swimsuit.

Stolen Girlfriends Club Summer 09/10 "No.8 Weapons Of Mass Destruction"

I had an appointment in Ponsonby yesterday - which gave me the perfect excuse to pay a visit to my beloved Black Box. While there, Zara Mirkin was a sweetheart and showed me the Stolen Girlfriends Club lookbook for their summer collection "No.8 Weapons Of Mass Destruction" (which I have been eagerly awaiting). Its relaxed, laid back, weird but sexy. Strong feel of Americana and classic staples like tees and denim that have all been twisted.

Fave picks would have to be all the starry denim pieces - you know me, I have yet to meet a star I didn't like. I really want the paneled bike shorts (same style as my uber comfy/warm plaid pants), the slouchy denim shorts and I secretly (well maybe not so much) kindof LOVE the shirt - it's just a little bit country, and just right.

Im a fiend for sheer at the moment, so love these sheer sleeved dresses

And love even more the sheer sleeved sweat dresses. I would literally live in these - to the point of embarrassment and awkward comments from people.
Loving the two toned denim jackets, and wondering if they are unisex? I usually prefer mens jackets to womens' thanks to my somewhat irritating broad shoulders (although they do make the wearing of awesome mens tees and shirts very easy - therefore I am grateful).

Speaking of menswear, I love the classic but twisted athleticism and prep of these. Those cream jerseys would be crazy wearable on balmy summer nights (I miss so much) and in the cold we have now.
Source: Zara Mirkin from Stolen Girlfriends Club

Ps: Apparently their winter collection is going to be awesome. Am sooo psyched already.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Muse: Jimi Hendrix

I love love love Jimi Hendrix - music, style, mystique, magnetism and tragic early demise. I'm not sure if I should be concerned that a lot of my key style idols are drug addicted rock stars from the sixties and seventies - but I have always been drawn to that whole world; the clothes, music, stories, danger etc. Hendrix's sartorial aesthetic was exotic, psychedelic, earthy, wild and primal - operative words also ideal to describe his life and music.
Twenty Seven Names' awesome summer collection "Jimi James And The Blue Flames" was inspired by Hendrix - I've wanted the whole collection the instant I first saw it at Showroom 22's Media Open Day

Also, Balmain's Spring 08 collection totally captures Jimi and the era perfectly (I still want everything.. Sigh) as does the already iconic frogged military jackets from Spring 09.

I always have quite a few of his songs on high rotate on my pod:
- Electric Ladyland
- Fire
- All Along The Watchtower
- Castles Made Of Sand
- Hey Joe
- Wind Cries Mary

Sources: Scans, Style.com, Net-a-porter, Matina Amanita, Showroom 22,

Lara Does Spring 08

Just stumbled on this editorial form Self Service's spring/summer 08 issue. Love that it features some of my favorite pieces from that season - the Margiela dreamy horse print, Balmain fringing (Decarnin's Spring 08 collection is still one of my favorites he has ever done) and some of my beloved Chanel stars - that I mentioned only yesterday. I also love Lara in this - soft and natural, not as overtly sexy as she is often portrayed.

Self Service Spring/Summer 2008 Lara Stone

Source: Ru Glamour

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tied In Knots

I still can't stop wearing topknots. They are just the perfect solution to a bad hair day - totally rectifies when our hairs messy, knotty, disagreeable or dirty (with the help of some baby powder - perk of being blonde!). I love them when they are a bit messy and slept in, they convey a gorgeous, appealing and unpretensious nonchalance and realism. Childlike and innocent yet also a suggest a bit of trouble too.

They are in nearly every issue of Russh - always executed to perfection. Erin Wasson is undoubtably the queen of the knot - she even wore a big side angled one to the Met's Costume Institute Gala this year. I also love the cute buns done by Stephen Marr for Juliette Hogan's beautiful summer lookbook.
Scans: Russh May 08 "Sweet Liberty", Russh Nov 08 "Pearl", Russh March 09 "Aussie Uprising"

Seeing Stars

The divine Miss Chung kills it as always. Man I have been obsessed with Chanel Stars since the first hit the catwalk for Spring 08 - and the obsession is not waning. This is so cute and casual - totally wearable AND doable.
Source: MTV

Wonderful Wonderland

God I can not wait for the new Alice in Wonderland. Have always been obsessed with it - the original disney film and Lewis Carrol's story. Such a classic trip.

Source: Daily Mail

Feeling Crabby

Zodiak wise, we are now in Cancer - which means my birthday is getting closer! Anyone else moody, sensitive, creative crabs?
Source: The Fashion Spot

Monday, June 22, 2009


Neil Young's iconic Harvest album has one of my all time favorite covers - so simple yet so eye catching and classic. You see it and you know instantly that it couldn't be any other album. It includes "Old Man" - one of my favorite songs ever. Its poignant, earthy and makes you think about the past and the future and life in general. Young later said the record "put me in the middle of the road. Traveling there soon became a bore so I headed for the ditch. A rougher ride but I saw more interesting people there."
Clockwise: Donna Karan Tamponato alligator halter-back bootie, Stella McCartney Fall 08, Chloe Spring 09, Louis Vuitton Fall 09, Matina Amanita Amor And Psyche ring, Proenza Schouler PS1 Large cocodile satchel, Ellery Spring/Summer 09/10, Chloe Lace-Up Suede and Leather boot, Chloe Spring 09, Matina Amanita Ionic Ring

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sneak Peek: Russh July/August Cover

Psych!!!!!! Russh's website has the new cover on it.. And their Twitter has a sneak peek of some of the pages at the printers. God I can not wait - counting down as of now. Though will have to wait the usual three decades after it comes out in Australia for our copies to cross the Tasman. So worth it. But I think my newsagent hates me because I always nag them about when it's due.
Source: Russh

Dress Up

So I seriously need some fun going out dresses.. Had a massive outfit meltdown while getting dressed on saturday night; tears, insecurity, the works - classic Dumb Girl moment. Something must be done.

I really want something with sleeves - as my total lack of circulation means I feel the cold terribly. I want sparkles, metallic, lace, details and monochrome.

Featuring: Balmain, Christopher Kane, Stella McCartney, Ellery, Bec & Bridge,
Scans: W Feb 09 - Lara Stone

Scans: Russh Sept 08 "Jerry"

Sources: Style.com, Vogue Australia, Scans


I want a 2.55 this much...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sun Goddess

I'm loving washed out, sun bleached colourings in editorials at the moment - convey a dreamy, nostalgic feel of summer. Also still obsessed with Chloe's scalloped blazers.
Harpers Bazaar UK July 09 "Sun Goddess" 

Friday, June 19, 2009

Black & White

So I only just realised that (one of) the 21st I'm going to tomorrow night is black and white themed. This so should not throw me - I mean who can mess up a black and white outfit? I wear them a lot in summer - loose black tanks white white skinnies or cutoffs, simple, casual - and a bit tomboy. But being winter I pile on a million pieces of clothing when I go out - and I find if I limit them to black and white I end up thinking I look like a waiter/tuxedo/penguin/backstreetboy

Another prob - have zero black or white dresses that are appropriate for someone's 21st (too short, tight or casual) and I just feel way to rude wearing pants. Will have to have an intense wardrobe raid. Old faithful Karen Walker white lace top good def be a go! It's a lifesaver - and so so pretty, which always helps.

Featuring: Alexander Wang, Balmain, Daria Werbowy, YSL,
Scans: Russh September 08 "Jerry", Pop Fall/Winter 08 "Nun Head", Vogue Australia May 09 "And God Created A Woman"

Featuring: Balmain, Karen Walker, Alexander Wang, Erin Wasson, Daria Werbowy
Scans: French Vogue April 08 "Simplement Couture" & Russh May 08  "La Verite"

Featuring: Balmain, Alexander Wang, Erin Wasson
Scans: Russh November 07 "You Look Hot"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Own Private Idaho

Watched Gus Van Sant's My Own Private Idaho today - wow. River Pheonix's intensity was mind blowing. And god the story (although not plot driven) was tragic. The Shakespearean element was also really interesting. I love the stark look of the white jeans and black tank he wears throughout - although how they manage to stay clean through all his hustling, traveling and drug taking I don't know. 
Sources: M.O.P.I, Wikipedia.

Book Club

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a bit of a book nerd. Am currently racking up some serious library fines because of end of semester lack of free time. Im really craving some additions to my book stack.
Clockwise: Dear Diary by Lesley Arfin, B Model by Miranda Darling, Paint It Black by Janet Finch, The Thoughtful Dresser by Linda Grant, Lets Spend The Night Together by Pamela Des Barres. Center: Front Row: Anna Wintour by Jerry Oppenheimer.

I love luxurious, big art and photography books, more of an investment but you have the joy of looking through them again and again. 
Clockwise: Wayne Thiebaud: A Paintings Retrospective by Steven A. Nash, Rolling Stones Fans by Joseph Szabo, Linda MCartney's Sixties by Linda McCartney, Lisa Yuskavage by Lisa Yuskavage, Fashion Illustration By Fashion Designers by Laird Borrelli, Welcome To Big Biba by Steven Thomas. Center: Richard Prince: Painting-Photographs by Bruce Hainley

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

17/06/09: Shop Shop Shop

So I FINALLY went shopping (properly) today now that I am free from uni. God it was good. Pretty much took up my whole day post-gym. And although today was freezing (something I combatted c/o my beloved Tv leopard merino leggings and my fave of mums cashmere jerseys) it was stunningly sunny and beautiful.

Black Box was perfect, but then again when is it not? I left wanting/needing new jeans. Stolen Girlfriends Club jeans are pretty much the only type that fit my body perfectly, and always have the most kick ass styles - I'm seriously craving their perfectly faded torn skinnies that are slashed all up the leg, but have a denim layer underneath (for warmth and practicality - therefore they are obviously a sensible/necessary purchase oui?). Also wanting some of the Tv jeans that are slashed all the way up.
Source: Tv 

A pit stop to Vixen in St Kev's saw my find this uber comfy clompy pair of Dr Martens mary janes - heaven for my decrepit feet. When I brought then out at home later I thought the fam would have a fit - but they actually liked. Was a tad shocked, but pleased.

Paid a long overdue visit to Children Of Vision and the ever lovely James Dobson - I did the usual, stared longingly at all the stock, stroked the puffpaint splatered pieces and pesterred him about when Romance Was Born's summer collection was coming in - I want aaall of it, no joke. Except possibly not the semi-infamous Octopus Bonnet.

With some extra cash that was accumulating in my wallet I fiiinaaally paid of my ankle boots from Mi Piaci - have been searching for a staple pair like these FOREVER. Most are way to large widthwise for my scrawny feet, and not many had the inbuilt platform that I wanted - but these ticked all the boxes. And now its holidays and I am reacquainted with my social life I actually have places to wear them! Excellent.

Treated myself to some new lippy - a MAC Satin in Snob (have been needing/wanting for a while now).

Superette have some awesome Lover pieces, think me and the little sis will have a bit of a try on when we pop in on saturday. And I still NEED/LOVE the Ksubi Aras. Every time I put them on it just feels like they complete me.

Tried on some of the new(ish - considering my lack of shopping lately) Toy Watches. So cute. Like plastic versions of my current and much loved Tissot (I call it my Seventies Porno Watch) and also remind me of the white Chanel watches that I've coveted forever. So obviously I loved the Plasteramic in white!

Final stop was Karen Walker, had a lovely long chat with the awesome Scarlet and spent forever looking at possible 21st birthday jewelry options - loving the owl ring (quite meaningful as my late grandmother collected owl ornaments) and the carrots (ideally in gold - more carrot appropriate colour oui?). I've wanted that blue cocktail knuckle duster forever, and have desperately wanted the cigarette butt charm for even longer. Sigh.

Source: Karen Walker

Baby's Just A Butcher

Another v delayed mag post, this time it's Oyster. As usual, the holy trinity that is Karen Inderbitzen Waller, Zara Mirkin and Zippora Seven create perfection. Cute and grungy-retro.
My Stolen Girlfriends Club pants on the right! These have been such a good buy.

Oyster #81 Realise "Baby's Just A Butcher" Zippora Seven

 by Karen Inderbitzen Waller and Zara Mirkin

17/06/09: Vogue Russia

I'm not usually a fan of Snejana Onopka, but this I like! Messy hair, strong brows and some sick jackets. And I still want round Lennon/Olsen glasses.

Vogue Russia July 09 Snejana Onopka 

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Matina Amanita: Mount Olympus

My heart ACHES for these. I pretty much had heart palpitations when I saw these. Have loved the jewelry from Matina Amanita since their Globetrotter collection. This is Mount Olympus and it couldn't be more perfect. I've loved greek mythology ever since I was a little girl (we had some awesome books and I heard a ton of stories from dad). God I NEED these rings. Words can't come close to describing.

Amor & Psyche Rings

Flora Rings

Griffins Claw Rings/Pendants

Cosmic Rings

Mediterranean Ring & Trojan Horse Necklace

Ionic Rings

Zodiak and Atlas Rings

Sleeping Medusa Ring, Artemis Necklace & Nemean Lions Earrings
Source: Matina Amanita