Wednesday, June 17, 2009

17/06/09: Shop Shop Shop

So I FINALLY went shopping (properly) today now that I am free from uni. God it was good. Pretty much took up my whole day post-gym. And although today was freezing (something I combatted c/o my beloved Tv leopard merino leggings and my fave of mums cashmere jerseys) it was stunningly sunny and beautiful.

Black Box was perfect, but then again when is it not? I left wanting/needing new jeans. Stolen Girlfriends Club jeans are pretty much the only type that fit my body perfectly, and always have the most kick ass styles - I'm seriously craving their perfectly faded torn skinnies that are slashed all up the leg, but have a denim layer underneath (for warmth and practicality - therefore they are obviously a sensible/necessary purchase oui?). Also wanting some of the Tv jeans that are slashed all the way up.
Source: Tv 

A pit stop to Vixen in St Kev's saw my find this uber comfy clompy pair of Dr Martens mary janes - heaven for my decrepit feet. When I brought then out at home later I thought the fam would have a fit - but they actually liked. Was a tad shocked, but pleased.

Paid a long overdue visit to Children Of Vision and the ever lovely James Dobson - I did the usual, stared longingly at all the stock, stroked the puffpaint splatered pieces and pesterred him about when Romance Was Born's summer collection was coming in - I want aaall of it, no joke. Except possibly not the semi-infamous Octopus Bonnet.

With some extra cash that was accumulating in my wallet I fiiinaaally paid of my ankle boots from Mi Piaci - have been searching for a staple pair like these FOREVER. Most are way to large widthwise for my scrawny feet, and not many had the inbuilt platform that I wanted - but these ticked all the boxes. And now its holidays and I am reacquainted with my social life I actually have places to wear them! Excellent.

Treated myself to some new lippy - a MAC Satin in Snob (have been needing/wanting for a while now).

Superette have some awesome Lover pieces, think me and the little sis will have a bit of a try on when we pop in on saturday. And I still NEED/LOVE the Ksubi Aras. Every time I put them on it just feels like they complete me.

Tried on some of the new(ish - considering my lack of shopping lately) Toy Watches. So cute. Like plastic versions of my current and much loved Tissot (I call it my Seventies Porno Watch) and also remind me of the white Chanel watches that I've coveted forever. So obviously I loved the Plasteramic in white!

Final stop was Karen Walker, had a lovely long chat with the awesome Scarlet and spent forever looking at possible 21st birthday jewelry options - loving the owl ring (quite meaningful as my late grandmother collected owl ornaments) and the carrots (ideally in gold - more carrot appropriate colour oui?). I've wanted that blue cocktail knuckle duster forever, and have desperately wanted the cigarette butt charm for even longer. Sigh.

Source: Karen Walker


M I A N N said...

Cigarette but charm!!! I can't stress to you more over how fucking insanely cool that thing is. Who the hell would have thought up to have such a mundane object as a charm. I love it. And the boots are so hot. You should look into getting some chains from LITTER.mb to punk them up, they're the perfect style shoe for it! xx

Cindy said...

so many amazing pieces. i'm in love with the karen walker jewels. the rings are stunning and the ciggie necklace is so fun. you're shopping adventures are delightful.

Emma said...

I know! Her ideas are mind blowing. I have the jet plane - like who would have thought to make a necklace of a jet plane?! Karen Walker is the shit. Def wanting some litter charms. Do you have any or know anyone that does Miann? Do they stay on securely?

Anonymous said...

wow love those mi piaci boots can i ask how much they were?? and if they're still on shelves?!

Emma said...

Hiya! Glad you like - they are super comfortable too. They were $250, they could still be there - I know a couple of the other styles I tried on were still there when I paid them off yesterday. I first put them on layby about 4 weeks ago I think. Good luck!!! x

M I A N N said...

As for the Litter chains, I dunno but those two party serious and are always wearing the chains. Check their blog for their ridiculous intoxicated antics decked out in nothing but a body chain and a shoe chain. Pure sex