Monday, June 1, 2009

Clare Tough

I was having a look at the lovely Turned Out (and distracting myself from the uni work I should have been doing) and in their interview with the crazy-inspirational Zara Mirkin (from No mag and Stolen Girlfriends Club... Enough said) she mentions Clare Tough as a fave emerging designer of hers. Know for "signature knits but also leather, woven’s and soft tailoring".

The knitwear really is lovely (and super hot). It's the perfect mix of nostalgic, old fashioned, youthful and sexy.


M I A N N said...

God I'm such a knitwear hater as it makes the regular women of society looks so frumpy! But this knit is soft and very femme. I love it

Emma said...

I so agree hun. I absolutely hate the long baggy(daggy) cardigans so many women seem to live in. super unflatrring and looks extra shit on me.
I basically only like knit wear if it is:
A) a great big "fuck off" cardy/jacket hybrid
B) casmere
C) lingerie-ish, deliciate, feminine like these.