Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Natasha in Self Service

I have had the biggest crush on these Balmain bell bottoms from the minute Raquel Zimmermann stomped down the catwalk in them for Spring 08 (I swooned via handy old This ed is such a great mix of o.t.t-girly, sexy and a bit of realism/naturalness. I think Natasha Poly is part of why they all come together so well - without bordering on being contrived or awkward. Crimped hair and Louis Vuitton monogrammed mesh? Hell yes.
Self Service Spring/Summer 2008 Natasha Poly 


Enep said...

cool one!

M I A N N said...

Raquel makes me feel sick. I really, really hate her look. As for Natasha - lets just say going blonde was a bad choice. She so much less Amazonian and mysterious. Now she's just another skinny blonde chick with a big forehead. Sigh

Emma said...

haha Miann I actually lolled at "another skinny blonde chick with a big forehead" - seems like what 90% of models are at the moment. I'm with you on that - I sooo miss the beautiful light brown she had in the old Ralph Lauren ads, and I think her hair looked best ever in the Gucci by Gucci Eau de Toilette campaign.

Also agree on Raquel!!! I seriously dont understand the hype with her?!?!?! Just dont get it. Like her even less with her new peroxide blonde hair - have you seen it?

Stephanie said...

gorgeous! love the colours...and i think the first time i fell for the bell bottoms was when Erin wore them to the A wang show last season...even if those weren't the best available colour...she could rock anything, and although i'd never wear them, i liked them on her.



Emma said...

The navy and white tiedyes she wore with that massive and amazingly mangy (and PERFECT) fur? she basically converted me to craving bell bottoms. I think the fact that they were balmain also helped them look AMAZING. sigh. x