Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Muse: Jimi Hendrix

I love love love Jimi Hendrix - music, style, mystique, magnetism and tragic early demise. I'm not sure if I should be concerned that a lot of my key style idols are drug addicted rock stars from the sixties and seventies - but I have always been drawn to that whole world; the clothes, music, stories, danger etc. Hendrix's sartorial aesthetic was exotic, psychedelic, earthy, wild and primal - operative words also ideal to describe his life and music.
Twenty Seven Names' awesome summer collection "Jimi James And The Blue Flames" was inspired by Hendrix - I've wanted the whole collection the instant I first saw it at Showroom 22's Media Open Day

Also, Balmain's Spring 08 collection totally captures Jimi and the era perfectly (I still want everything.. Sigh) as does the already iconic frogged military jackets from Spring 09.

I always have quite a few of his songs on high rotate on my pod:
- Electric Ladyland
- Fire
- All Along The Watchtower
- Castles Made Of Sand
- Hey Joe
- Wind Cries Mary

Sources: Scans,, Net-a-porter, Matina Amanita, Showroom 22,


crimzonite said...

I know what you mean about being fascinated with that era, and I just look beyond the drugs but can't help but wonder that without the drugs the era wouldn't be as interesting and cool as I seem to view it as.

M I A N N said...

have you heard the Dylan cover od all along the watch tower. Its pretty similar but def worth having a listen to

Emma said...

yup I know it well! I am a total dylan fiend - and i like his version better I think. but thats probably because i'm biased because he is a god.