Saturday, January 31, 2009

Moscow Nights

Oh I die. These are perfect! The limited edition Moscow Collection, inspired by Chanel's PreFall collection. Merci Karl.
Source: Fashionista

Friday, January 30, 2009


This guy is AMAZING. Just look at that close up! His name is Jimmy "Pearl" La Fontaine (best name ever) and he works for the Department of Corrections. Check out the interview with New York Magazine.

Kate Sylvester Sale

Get thee to a Kate Sylvester!


I love these shots of Freja Beha in i-Ds new Man Issue, shot by Collier Schorr - they capture her perfectly (androgyny, and that tough fragility she has). Her tattoos are amazing too. Need one.

i-D Man Issue
Source: Fashionista

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'd Rather Be A Kite

More beautiful images from the new magazine Mirage that I mentioned yesterday...

Mirage #1 "Id Rather Be A Kite"

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Believers

I absolutely loved Karen Walker's collection The Believers that she showed in New York at the Spring shows. And now the southern hemisphere version of the collection (for our winter) is up on her website - its always interesting to see how the tweak it for down here.
I've started thinking about what pieces I'll save up for and layby.. Im thinking the pastel apricot leopard print, some of the white lace and blue floral maybe? Love the big grey coat and the boxy jacket too.

These are my fave looks for us wee souls in down here in NZ...

Source: Karen Walker


 Fashion Copious has these beautiful shots from the new German magazine Mirage - I love them! Wintery, dreamy and a bit desaturated. 
And love the Karen Walker pieces in this first one...


Love this look from Gareth Pugh's Fall 09 Menswear show in Paris.

And Kanye gives me another reason why I NEED a velvet jacket.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Into The Wild

This is tres awesome! Fur AND hand-ears?? Amazing. It also reminds me a tad of these.
Ps: AND a bunny! Love.

Flair Italy November 2008 ”Into the Wild”

Black Lip 2.0

More on the dark lip look. Im really tempted to try this. World Beauty stocks the YSL Gloss Pur Black (World used it in their Winter 09 show at ANZFW). Lancome also make Color Fever Gloss in Piha Black  - a shout out to New Zealand from Lancome's new artistic director (and kiwi) Aaron de Mey? I think!

Vogue China February 2009

Black Lip

Wow - this is the first time I have seen a black lip really work in real life. I think the sharp black bob really helps (could a blonde pull this beauty look off?) and the fact that its paired with a simple, loose white tee

It's a very wearable interpretation of the insane makeup look from the Yves Saint Laurent Fall 09 collection.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Im obsessed with Current/Elliot at the best of times, and I just checked out their Resort 09 lookbook - its AMAZING. It has a gorgeous, romantic, scruffy nostalgia and a strong americana feel. I love love that its shot at a big peeling white weatherboard house. Perfection.

I especially love the first pieces in the first two shots...

Ps: Guess what....
... They do menswear now too!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Heavy Metal

Wow. Just wow. How sick are these Proenza Schouler bags?! Luxurious and tough and a bit gothic. Def getting a Jeanne d'Arc vibe - girlboy, armour, velvet etc. Begging to be paired with tight leather pants and heavy jewelry.
Source: Proenza Schouler

Blondies and Boots

So loving Superfine's Blondie jean... 
Source: Superfine

Ps: I am def getting boots like these for winter. Most probably classic R.M.Williams'.


If you haven't been to Karen's sale yet, go NOW. And if you have already? Go again! Everything is under $150!! 

And get thee to Myhart on O'Connell Street pronto! Further reductions are to be had.
Ps: Karen is there too.

Luella On Paper: Coming Soon

More on the magazine front... Luella's magazine is coming out in the northern spring, and will apparently be a biannual. Wow! I can't wait to see it. As I generally (absolutely) love everything the amazing Luella Bartley does, I have high hopes for this.

Source: Fashionista

MK Gets Interviewed

Fashionista has the news that Mary-Kate has just been shot for the March cover of Interview!! Wearing a lot of Proenza Schouler apparently. Excite!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Stones In The Grass

Love this shot of the stones - it's magical. Henry Diltz is amazing.


One day...
Source: Jak & Jil

Wanting: Velvet

So, I already have a burgundy velvet top (it had an outing last night even - perfect for breezy summer nights) and some amazing black velvet skintight jeans, but what a really really want is a velvet jacket! Have only found one ever, and did not like the mandarin collar it has. Mary-Kate and Erin look so cosy, and their jackets have a real eccentric luxury. I think I may attempt to make one?
Erin Wasson Source: Who What Wear
Mary-Kate Olsen Source: Olsen Files

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Leather and Lace

 Love it.
Source: Jak & Jil

Sneaky: Chloe 09 Campaign

I never ever thought that I would be tempted to wear bottle green.. But.... 
 Source: Fashionologie

This is the first shot I've seen from the Chloe Spring 09 campaign. Loving so far! Can't wait to see what they do with all the amazing scallop edged pieces.

 Source: Style.Com

Down to the River to Pray

I love the work of photographer Derek Henderson. Its so iconic of New Zealand and has a real beautiful, aged honesty about it.  These are all from his exhibition I Go Down To The River To Pray - a "photographic exploration of the Waikato River"...

White Nights

 New Balmain treats at Net-A-Porter... I die. These are perfection..