Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bring It On 2009

Times Online gets excited about things in 2009, here are some I like too:

THE 1980S Metallics, zips, cobalt blue, polka dots, all-in-ones, orange, biker jackets. The decade is back in fashion, big time.

LOUIS VUITTON HIGH-TOP TRAINERS They glow in the dark. ’Nuff said.

DESIGNERS Danielle Scutt (the fashionista’s choice), Louise Goldin (award-winning robot-chic), Alexander Wang (the sportswear you’ll want to wear).

SHARE Join a co-op, pimp out your garden, pitch in to buy the local pub.

LOVE YOUR JOB At least you’ve got one.

BUY TO LIVE Not buy to let.

HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU Jennifer Aniston gets dumped (February 6).

HOMEDULGENCE Living the high life without going out. Cue cocktail parties, home karaoke-offs and dressing for 

WHOLE-BRAIN LIVING As in all work and play.

OLD MAN’S PUBS Cosy, cheap, local. Start using yours before they die out for good. When’s quiz night again?

HOUSE MUSIC Four house parties, it’s the new disco nouveau.

DIY DELI Smoking, brewing, pickling, baking. And everybody’s making their own salami.

ARTISANS If they only make one thing, it must be good.

GUT FEELINGS It’s all about digestive health this year.

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