Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sale Saturday

Today I went to the Myhart sale I mentioned with mama and the little sister and tried on (among many things like lace bike shorts and leather bras.. Sadly not in my size) the Lonely Hearts lace dress I posted about yesterday. It's sooo nice, fits like a glove (both me and my sister!)... I really want it, but its still $345, and I'm not usually a dress wearing girl.. Me and mum examined it and we think it wouldn't be too tricky to make something similar, so I might give it a shot. Or go back to made in a week and if its still there, take it as a sign from the fashion gods, and buy this baby!
Last weekend we went to the Made sale I mentioned, was super excited about maybe scoring some cheap Lover, Luella or Karen Walker. I did find this embroidered blouse from Lover that I have lusted after for a while, but unfortunately (although it's not evident from the photo) it really exaggerated my broad shoulders! Oh well.

Ps: I love the colours of their fitting rooms!

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