Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ebay: Racoon Fierceness

Omg.. Vintage racoon fur gillet..


discothequechic said...


not sure i like the outfit it's been paired with, but it's pretty rad. i can imagine jen brill wearing it well.

Cindy said...

too bad everything on indie cult sells for a zillion dollars. they always have the best stuff. keep your eyey out at thrift stores and such i found the great rabbit vest i've worn on my site for 20 dollars 2 years ago

Emma said...

Yah I agree with you, Id probably wear this (in my dreams) with bleached out skinnies and a white tank, or a tshirt dress, or a black body con dress (the new American Apparel long sleeve u neck maybz?)

It soo sucks about the high prices too! Great to admire/dream though. Wow a rabbit vest must be amazing! I will have to have a look. Last year I scored a FOX fur jacket (huge and amazing) for only NZ$50 at my local Salvation Army shop - they though it was faux... And I SO didnt tell them otherwise. :D