Monday, August 31, 2009

POP Fall/Winter 09/10

“This is Pop World, Free Your Mind, Put Your Head Back in the Clouds and Start the Ch-Ch-Ch-Change”
So I've already mentioned recently that I'm seriously coveting pastel hair - totally inexplicably. The look has popped up again in the latest issue of Pop magazine in various hues.
I really love the Miu Miu and Chloe pieces in particular. And hi, aqua skin? Can't help but like.

Model: Kinga Rajzak

Photographer: Viviane Sassen

We all know I'm a sucker for "Nanna Chic", so I love that they kitted Stam out in bundles of clothing; Chanel suits, grandpa socks, scarves, glasses, and cardigans galore.
Photogrpaher: Paolo Roversi

"The Channels"
This editorial in particular is beyond dreamy. It captures the freedom, sensuality and the earthiness of a bohemian escape in the tropics.
The images are saturated, washed out, hazy and imperfect. Trippy and suprising.

Models: Hanne Gaby Odiele, Katie Fogarty, Myf Shepherd and Kaitlin Aas

Photographer: Mark Borthwick

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

Doilies and Pearls, Oysters and Shells

I fell madly and deeply in love with Romance Was Born's Summer 09/10 collection (perfectly titled) "Doilies and Pearls, Oysters and Shells" when it showed at RAFW - it was a total trip. Dreamy escapism and the ultimate fantasy. It seriously doesn't get any better than mermaid-nana-whore. I love.

Of course, knitted octopus hoodies are hard to do in real life. So when I popped into James Dobson's store Children of Vision a few months ago and he showed me the hot off the press lookbook I totally died - it was all heavenly, and actually (somewhat) wearable. Apparently it's due in store in September - I'll be in like a shot. But what to choose?!?!
Left to Right: Knit Wit Nighty, Esme Dress, Barnicle Boob Top w Decked Out Shorts

I love the delicacy of the white pieces - they look like shells that have been sunbleached from an eternity spent on the beach.
Left to Right: Rock Lobster Jacket w Rock Lobster Skirt & Lace Bodysuit, Clam Shell Smock Dress w Lace Leggings, Rock Lobster Dress

Is it wrong that I kindof want blue lace eyebrows? Probably. But I also desperately want pastel pink hair. I wonder what Mobeen at Stephen Marr would say? Parents would be aghast.
Left to Right: Barnicle Earrings w Mini Barnicle Necklace & Gossip Granny Headband, Nanna Floral Print silk scarf

The delicate lace details and intricate embellishments translate surprisingly as well into black as they do in the sugar spun hues.
Left to Right: Rock Lobster Jacket w Lace Bodysuit, Barnicle Boob Top w Gypsy Mermaid Pants, Clam Shell Dress

The swimwear is killer; both innocent and girly, and sexy/retro. I'm def going to score myself a pair of high waisted bikini briefs for summer. Tan will be interesting! Shall let you all know how I get on with that.
Left to Right: Mermaid Bikini and Clamshell Bikini

And I just had to post some of the fabrics - I am a total textile fiend. These are sumptuous and heavenly.
Left to Right: Pearl Print and Nanna Floral Print

Source: Romance Was Born Lookbook

Musing: Olsens, Erin, Wang, Chung

Opening Ceremony's Japan opening party brought out some of my alltime style faves. The Olsen's absolutely made my day by wearing matching shades and bunny ears. They remind us that fashion is best when one has fun with it - you can be humorous and ironic, yet not take yourself too seriously. I'm also seriously coveting Erin's shorts.
Source: Zimbio

Alexa's also been looking v cute lately - the girl does a tee + a-line skirt combo like know one else. God I wish I suited those sorts of outfits. That first image alone has amped up my loafer-desire even more, and now I'm wanting to pair them with spotty sheer tights. Oh dear.
The girl's also got killer festival fashion; aforementioned spotty pantyhose, perfect grandpa-like cardy/shirt combo, ace leather shorts - and that tricked out fedora has got me wanting to DIY my own.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

RUSSH September 09

I was over the moon to get my Russh early this month - LOVING the subscription I got for my birthday (thanks girls!!) as it usually hits news-stands way later in New Zealand than in Aus.

The issue is a total killer and the cover alone nocks you for six. Its the 30th issue and celebrating 5 years of Russh - I can't believe it's been that long. I have been obsessed since it first came out. I read every issue about ten times and colour code everything with post-its; pink for things to scan, green for the things to look up more about later. Every issue is devoured.


"Paz For Peace"
Photographer: Stacey Mark
Fashion Editor: April Johnston

"Sara Emilia... In The Sun"
Love the warmth and sensuality of these. Tousled hair, summer tan - all bathed in a perfectly golden light.

Photographer: Steven Chee
Fashion Editor: Natalie Shukur

Fashion News
More Emma Cook for Topshop teasers!! I neeeeed every pair I have seen so far.

"Ali To The Max"
This editorial positively drips with strength, sex, athleticism and physicality.
The hyper-saturated colours of the background and makeup combined with the multitude of sexily futuristic textured white pieces are absolutely killer.

Photographer: Benny Horne
Fashion Editor: Stevie Dance

"Boys To Men"
The divine Ash Stymest was interviewed about the male modeling industry - you can read about it on Isaac Likes as well as Isaac's thoughts.

Photographer: Dounia Benjelloul

In 1959 she watched while he self destructed..
I adore this editorial as well. Its a homage to Terence Malick's film Badlands - one of my favorite directors of all time, his Thin Red Line and The New World are in my top ten and are guaranteed to take your breath away and move you.

This editorial captures innocence, love, nostalgia and small towns all bathed in golden light - whilst also an ominous sense of danger.

I love this shot of a tattoo on tanned skin through ripped denim.
This spread has also made me want loafers even more - and to pair them with socks asap.
Also love that the now ubiquitous and awesome Louis Vuitton bunny ears make an appearance.
I will never tire of the simplicity, earthiness and many underlying references of perfectly beaten up denim and white tees. Iconically American, yet universally relatable. Classically manly yet accessible to females as well.
And how intense is that brooding shot on the left? The colours, contrast, everything capture the danger and appeal of his character.
She however glows with innocence, naivety, warmth, femininity. Her peaches and cream complexion is refreshing - and particularly radiates in that stunning Zimmerman dress.

Photographer: Derek Henderson
Fashion Editor: Stevie Dance

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Igor + Andre

Danny Roberts' illustrations of fashion editorials, models and bloggers are killer. He turns what are often refined, aloof and unattainable images into pieces of work full of life, movement and beautiful imperfections.
Left to Right: Fashion Toast and 4th And Bleeker

Inspiring Alexander Wang


It seemed like immediately after Alexander Wang's fall 2008 collection walked, girls across the city took shears to their panty hose and stopped washing their hair. After his spring 2009 show, many also probably contemplated sitting in the bathroom with the shower running on hot after getting dressed to get that just-walked-through-a-sauna look. After his fall 2009 show, we seriously contemplated cutting holes in our blazers and cocktail dresses.

.. Story of my LIFE!!! The dude is a magician.

Electric Company

Love the seventies vibe of these - and its contrast with the ladylike, english refinement that roses convey (to me anyway). They remind me somewhat of these shots of Karlie Kloss from not long ago.

US Elle Sept 09 "Electric Company"

Madisyn Ritland by Yelena Yemchuk

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

Friday, August 28, 2009

Cathy Horyn & The Olsens

I've been so looking forward to reading Cathy Horyn's much anticipated interview the The Olsens' about their line The Row. And it does not disappoint - revealing, mature, measure. And most surprisingly, the notoriously hard to please Horyn seems genuinely impressed.

Very few celebrities are either so fascinating or appalling that they manage to get under our skins, as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have, and it may be because they are twins. Yet their success in a field as competitive as fashion is impossible to deny...

“I think the way to think about The Row is that it offers the perfect blank — the perfect schoolboy blazer, the perfect leather leggings, the perfect peacoat. So many designers are intent on the next great trend that some of the basics are neglected.”...

Mary-Kate added, “Also, I think you design things because maybe it’s not you.” She paused. “I have my own pet peeves about things that I don’t wear.”

Like what?

Ashley started to laugh.

“Like tank tops,” Mary-Kate said.

“You’ll never see her in a tank top,” Ashley said...

“I think Ashley has an old soul,” said Ms. Siskin, their partner in Elizabeth and James. “That’s really what it is. She’s not as good with the whole celebrity thing as people might think. She’s longs for a bit of a normal life.”

“Our lives have been kind of backward. We never got that opportunity in high school to figure out what you want to do. We never had the time to discover, ‘Oh, I love doing this ...’ So for us this experience in fashion has been amazing.”
Image Source: The Row
Interview: NY Times

Emma Cook For Topshop

So my heart stopped today when I saw these preview images of the new Emma Cook for Topshop boots. NOTHING is going to come between these and me. I was distraught to miss out of the first lot of them. And am constantly jealous whenever Rumi rocks hers on Fashion Toast. So this time (and now that they ship to New Zealand) I will do anything! Firstborn/kidney/student loan money.

Which are your favorites? I'm definitely partial to the dalmatian and tan pair. These WILL be mine. I hope.

Dalmatian Print Lace-Up Wedge

Wine Lace-Up Wedge

Zebra Print Lace-Up Wedge

Source: Nitrolicious

28/08/09: Net-A-Porter

I love a good nude/black mix. The soft femininity and innocence of blush tones is counterbalance by slick black pieces, and details like hardware, jewellery and lace really pop.
Source: Net-A-Porter

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday Muses

Boy have our girls been laying low lately. But when they venture out in the public arena they remind us why they are total style icons.

I totally love that they dressed complimentary again. I secretly adore it when best friends and sisters dress matchy; it conveys solidarity, friendship, exclusivity and the power over being a pair.

I also love the end of the week as there is usually a ton of new Alexa outfits from her show. These are great examples of why navy rules. Softer than black, carries a print or logo awesomely and is just a little bit old fashioned - navy is, after all, the quintessential nanna hue.
And although I'm not a skirt girl, the few times I do it's always itsybitsy and covered with a baggy tee.

Oh and I've been secretly contemplating purchasing a pair of roman sandals... And this has cemented the decision.

I've been desperate for a matelot striped top for what seems like forever, so I'm tres jealous of the stunning Alexandra Spencer of 4th And Bleeker who has the perfect one, and pvc pants, AND is in Paris. Ah merde. Le sigh.