Saturday, August 22, 2009

22/08/09 Daily Alexa Fix

I've been feeling the urge to attempt dresses more, and Alexa has, as usual, provided. I love the bright red - and that its short but long sleeved and high necked (we all know what short red dresses can sometimes look like). The statement necklaces pop amazingly.
Even more than the red, I LOVE the dress she wore to the premiere of The September Issue - that she described as "victorian undergarments" (the dress, not the film  - obvz). I love the dirty cream - like its been worn one too many times. The prim neckline and endearingly awkward length are foiled by the sheerness of the bodice. 
At The September Issue premiere

I'm really coveting a dress or skirt that length, and I find they actually suit me better than knee length. There's something youthful and innocent yet nostalgically prim and nana-ish about it. My favorite executions of it have been from Burberry, Karen Walker and Juliette Hogan.
Burberry Fall 09

Karen Walker Spring 08 "Lucky"

Full Circle Skirt

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