Monday, August 31, 2009

POP Fall/Winter 09/10

“This is Pop World, Free Your Mind, Put Your Head Back in the Clouds and Start the Ch-Ch-Ch-Change”
So I've already mentioned recently that I'm seriously coveting pastel hair - totally inexplicably. The look has popped up again in the latest issue of Pop magazine in various hues.
I really love the Miu Miu and Chloe pieces in particular. And hi, aqua skin? Can't help but like.

Model: Kinga Rajzak

Photographer: Viviane Sassen

We all know I'm a sucker for "Nanna Chic", so I love that they kitted Stam out in bundles of clothing; Chanel suits, grandpa socks, scarves, glasses, and cardigans galore.
Photogrpaher: Paolo Roversi

"The Channels"
This editorial in particular is beyond dreamy. It captures the freedom, sensuality and the earthiness of a bohemian escape in the tropics.
The images are saturated, washed out, hazy and imperfect. Trippy and suprising.

Models: Hanne Gaby Odiele, Katie Fogarty, Myf Shepherd and Kaitlin Aas

Photographer: Mark Borthwick

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue


M I A N N said...

Yeah I saw this on rogue and im LOVING the pink hair. If Lesley Arfin can do it, we should be able to too... apart from the fact we'd look ridiculous as we are blonde... unless we went white blonde.


Emma said...

I'm thinking like dirty/neutral pink good work - maybz dirty ballet tutu colour?

Some pink/lilac panelles/chunks could work - and would go pretty good with blonde?

god im tempted!

Poli said...

tnx for sharing! charming photos!