Sunday, August 16, 2009


I got Fashion Quarterly's Spring 09 issue last week and its lurrrvely. Very inspiring for the impending warmer weather! Sorry for delay in posting, had an intense week of uni and then worked literally all weekend.

"Garden State"
I love how feminine and elegant this is - whilst still being soft and relaxed. Reminds me of some of my favorite books/films; Atonement, Alice in Wonderland, The Great Gatsby and The Secret Garden.
Photographer: Stephen Chee
Stylist: Marina Didovich
Models: Olivia Hamilton (Chic) & Caitlin Lomax 

"Style News: Jewellery Update"
My heart stopped when I saw this Kate Sylvester necklace. I NEED this!!! It is totally Pebbles Flinstone (one of my style idols - don't ask). I went into the High Street store on friday and the girls said the pieces would be coming in on Monday. I am so amped.

"Naughty But Nice"
I'm tripping all over nude toned pieces at the moment. So calm and cool, yet they have a subtle sex appeal. I love how this editorial has paired them with sharp black and soft grey - adding warmth to otherwise monochromatic and strong pieces. Shanay Hall (one of my faves) kills it, as always. And I am seriously coveting those ears.. Wearable much? Maybe just a little bit?
And can't wait for the weather to warm up enough to wear socks and ballet flats. Have been craving to do this look all winter!
Photographer: Craig Owen
Stylist: Rachel Morton

"Sweat Success"
Most people who know my know that I'm a bit of a gym bunny. I never feel more alive than when I have just busted my ass at the gym or run my legs off or been a dog/swan/cat/cow at Pilates. So I loved the article (and accompanying looks) on workout gear; just the right amount of high-tech, girly and old school. The minute it gets warm enough I'm treating myself to a pair of the killer teeny "Run Shorts" from Stella McCartney. Also loving the Stella sports bra and the deliciously retro Nike windrunner.

"Brave New World"
I think the Fashion Quarterly team have been reading my mind! I recently wrote about my love for sexy sideswept hair for Beauty Bible; and here they have executed it PERFECTLY. It's the perfect match for the deliciously sexy looks in this spread; glam, retro and futuristic. Perfectly foiled by the warm, earthy strength of the rocky setting. 

Photographer: Christopher Ferguson
Stylist: Marina Didovich
Model:  Valerija

"Western Front"
Ever since I was a little tyke I've loved The Great American West; probably due to stories told by my American dad, my obsession with books like Little House On The Prairie - and my later studying of (and love for) American history at high school. So obvz this trend page ticks all my boxes!

"Get The Look: Nude"
As I've mentioned, I love a good nude. So I was pleasantly surprised, and somewhat shocked even to see this fully sick ballerina dress from Annah Stretton (I'm not usually a Stretton girl at all) but this is excellent. And I have already had several rambles about my love for the peachy jean jacket from Twenty Seven Names.


Bayley. said...

Love Fashion Quartely - great staple! Adore the dress in the last scan. Cute blog :)

Petra said...

Ahh isn't the new FQ just heavenly! I have a particular obsession with the naughty but nice shoot- Heaven!

My goodness thats rather crazy about our life directions taking such similar paths. I am indeed going to the retail awards night next week- how about you? It seems that half of your store team has come and joined ours at the moment! Crazy! How's Andre going?


Emma said...

Re Petra:
Lifes funny like that! I'm sure you've made the right choice though, I know I did. Haven't regretted it once!

Yup I'm going - we must have a wine and a chinwag!

Oui our store has disappeared to yours! Is v surreal with whole new management team (and store layout) - feels like a different store entirely! Andre is good, rang him at the end of sundays shift to gloat about doubling our budget lol :D