Tuesday, August 18, 2009

18/08/09: Alexa

Sorry about the delay in posts - I have had supremely epic techno-karma! My deceptively angelic kitten/gremlin chewed through ANOTHER macbook charger so poor laptop has been dead as a doornail.

To improve the mood, here are some shots of Alexa looking great - as usual. This shows the worlds still in balance.

I am totally yearning for a stripey cardigan; nautical, preppy, frenchy etc. And the white dress is perfectly childlike, innocent and ladylike - yet somehow totally badass. Love the studded belt. Man I need to learn to wear dresses.
Left: in Alexander Wang, Chanel and Marni. Right: in Opening Ceremony

This is the best I have ever seen an all-buttoned-up shirt. Mostly because of the wider collar (making it look more relaxed) and the killer studs. It's Phillip Lim, and I want.

At the Cinema Society Screening of Inglorious Bastards

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Isaac Likes said...

yep, she's my girlfriend.