Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday Muses

Boy have our girls been laying low lately. But when they venture out in the public arena they remind us why they are total style icons.

I totally love that they dressed complimentary again. I secretly adore it when best friends and sisters dress matchy; it conveys solidarity, friendship, exclusivity and the power over being a pair.

I also love the end of the week as there is usually a ton of new Alexa outfits from her show. These are great examples of why navy rules. Softer than black, carries a print or logo awesomely and is just a little bit old fashioned - navy is, after all, the quintessential nanna hue.
And although I'm not a skirt girl, the few times I do it's always itsybitsy and covered with a baggy tee.

Oh and I've been secretly contemplating purchasing a pair of roman sandals... And this has cemented the decision.

I've been desperate for a matelot striped top for what seems like forever, so I'm tres jealous of the stunning Alexandra Spencer of 4th And Bleeker who has the perfect one, and pvc pants, AND is in Paris. Ah merde. Le sigh.



I know, how brilliant does 4th look? Perhaps she is secretly one of the Superhuman-Svelte-Swedes?

what name? said...

i quite like alexa chung (:
she's a bit tomboyish and her voice isn't very girly but that's exactly why i like her!
i quite like navy too ;P
it's a great alternative to black sometimes!