Monday, August 31, 2009

Musing: Olsens, Erin, Wang, Chung

Opening Ceremony's Japan opening party brought out some of my alltime style faves. The Olsen's absolutely made my day by wearing matching shades and bunny ears. They remind us that fashion is best when one has fun with it - you can be humorous and ironic, yet not take yourself too seriously. I'm also seriously coveting Erin's shorts.
Source: Zimbio

Alexa's also been looking v cute lately - the girl does a tee + a-line skirt combo like know one else. God I wish I suited those sorts of outfits. That first image alone has amped up my loafer-desire even more, and now I'm wanting to pair them with spotty sheer tights. Oh dear.
The girl's also got killer festival fashion; aforementioned spotty pantyhose, perfect grandpa-like cardy/shirt combo, ace leather shorts - and that tricked out fedora has got me wanting to DIY my own.

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