Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Topshop Hearts NZ!!!

So all the fashion fiends I know are tripping over the news that the mighty TopShop is now shipping to little old New Zealand. This is to be a total killer to my bank balance.

I love these shots from there latest look book; the rough knits and metallics, fine prints and colours that are all slightly off and muddy. And am dying for those hot-as-hell leopard booties.
Sequined pants are, of course, totally choice.
Source: Showroom 22

As I usually always refrained from torturing myself with the TopShop website, the minute I heard the news I jumped on line and started compiling a wish list. Top of it is definitely these booties; cute, classic, a bit weird - and totally "needed" for my poor problem feet.
Left to Right: Sandy Crepe Wedge in Grey and Black

There are also some killer cross-body bags; a style I'm loving at the moment. Being "Hands Free" is liberating.

As you know, I'm not usually a skirt girl - but these are definitely tempting. Love the rugged, shredded, washed out denims. Likewise the pyramid studs. I love tight little skirts paired with great big mens shirts and tees.

Even some dresses took my fancy (I know!! I'm actually getting more into them of late, we shall see how this progresses in the coming weeks).

And as I'm always a fiend for a good jacket - both classic and pimped out - these obviously tickled my fancy.
Source: Top Shop


Zoe Bee said...

do you have more details on where the Topshop store will be and when it is due to arrive? very cool news!

Cherish said...

I heart Topshop. Especially, their fit fit bags. I've actually been eying up their barrel cross body bag too...and the denim dresses they have in stock.


Fashion By He said...

great choices, love the style

let me know if your interested in a link exchange

Emma said...

Hiya Zoe,
No store hun - I said they were shipping here. I would absolutely DIE if we got a store!!!!! We can only hope oui!

Zoe Bee said...

oh, man! I totally read that post all wrong and just assumed they must of been shipping their whole selves over! ha ha. hopeful I am! still fab news anyway - thanks! x

noirohio vintage said...

i LOVE those first light blue wedge booties and the leopard pair too!

Anonymous said...

ah i've been eyeing up those wedges too! are you going to buy them?? i'm tossing up whether to or not!

Emma said...

Anon, I actually think I will - they would be SO wearable. And it's so hard to get good wedges in nz. And my feet find heels uber painful, therefore I "have" to have these lol


Silvie said...

Topshop is the best
cannot wait to shop there again!