Monday, August 3, 2009

About A Girl

There's something alluringly fresh and relaxed about this editorial. The models wears the clothes (rather than vice versa); the damp looking, brushed back hair looks charmingly low key and boyish; and the golden afternoon light is just beautiful and natural.

I love the oversized cream blazer that both complements and juxtaposes the elegant pleated skirt - which is very much making me think of the Juliette Hogan one I put on layby on the weekend. And hello Chanel high tops. 
These two shots are my absolute favorites. Maybe I'm just buzzing from Coco Avant Chanel - which I saw on the weekend - and these remind me of her. The big mans coat and the black bowler. 
Also loving the lush greenery of these.
And that coat really is too perfect. A big, oversized, masculine camel coat so iconic and timeless.
Flair Italy August "About A Girl" Mina Cvetkovic by Beau Grealy 


Isaac Likes said...

I love that long skirt/hi tops combo in the top photo!!!

Cindy said...

great mood in the shoot. i love the chanel sneakers!!!! so cool.