Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Rock Ring

The newest piece of jewellery from Karen Walker is out! I got a call last friday from the lovely Scarlet at the new Ponsonby store telling me they had a new ring in, so on sunday I made the pilgrimage. And I love - the Rock Ring is fully sick, a chunk of luxurious rubble to adorn your hand. I'm probably also partial to it as I seem to be in a Flintstones trip stylewise at the moment - loving everything rocks, bones and zigzag hems. The ring also comes with a rose gold stone, and I can't chose between them! Time shall tell however.
Source: Showroom 22

While I was there, I finally decided on a piece I wanted from the new collection (have had many a try on, but always indecisive). I found the perfect pair of pleated pants; the palest grey, short - and they look great cuffed, and with the perfect amount of volume in the front and back (I hate it when pleated pants have a tight ass, NOT a good look). And bonus points for the uber cute name "Royal Albert". I'll def be rocking these bad boys cuffed - they even look ace with flats.

It was an epic mission getting my size! Had to journey to all three stores (although I was doing a tiki-tour of the city anyway as I had a fam-date and uni) but eventually they were found, and laybyed. Excitement!
Source: Karen Walker


Lilee said...

i absolutely love that outfit! it's so dreamy.

Coco said...

That is amazing! need.

TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

Amazing ring! I'm currently extremely obsessed with chunky jewellery and plan on getting as much as I can to pile on!

susie miller said...

i adore that ring!

Ellie said...

Not much of a fan of that ring... The thing I don't like but sometimes like about Karen Walker is that her stuff are really on the safe side. Well, actually I can't really say much because I don't really pay much attention to her... But judging from what I've seen of her stuff... Yeah. At least sometimes I think safe is good!