Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Bolt

So the track titan that is Usain Bolt blasted the 100m world record in 9.69 seconds. Watching him sprint is just jaw-dropping. And the fact that the dude is like 8"2 blows my ind (okay 6"4, but whatevs).

I've always had a worrying soft spot for all things spandexy, lycra and tight; probably instigated by a childhood spent either swimming or running around in bike shorts (stripey, floral - love the nineties). I spent high school rowing competitively, so became very comfortable in just a spandex one piece (I kid you not, most comfy things ever) and these days I'm gym fan and also a major leggings/bodysuit fiend, and spent my summer living mad little bike shorts; great with an oversized mens tee by the way (or for "security" under short skirts and dresses).

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