Friday, August 28, 2009

Emma Cook For Topshop

So my heart stopped today when I saw these preview images of the new Emma Cook for Topshop boots. NOTHING is going to come between these and me. I was distraught to miss out of the first lot of them. And am constantly jealous whenever Rumi rocks hers on Fashion Toast. So this time (and now that they ship to New Zealand) I will do anything! Firstborn/kidney/student loan money.

Which are your favorites? I'm definitely partial to the dalmatian and tan pair. These WILL be mine. I hope.

Dalmatian Print Lace-Up Wedge

Wine Lace-Up Wedge

Zebra Print Lace-Up Wedge

Source: Nitrolicious

1 comment:

Tigeren aka Chau said...

I just brought the first pair you show in your blog. Cant wait to receive them.

I am so looking forward to receive them. They will be great for the coming season...yeahhh...