Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hermes Pour Liberty

Talk about a match made in heaven... The collaboration Hermes Pour Liberty is simply dreamy - iconic English florals with classic European over prints.
Clockwise: Thorpe, Tatum, Poppy Daisy, Mabelle

Source: Liberty


Isaac Likes said...

I am so fecking obsessed with liberty print I've wanted a liberty print shirt for such a long time!!

Emma said...

I've been wearing liberty (legit too) since I was a baby (thanks mum and grandma) and am still OBSESSED.

If you find a perfect shirt let me know. I currently "only" have 2 pairs of liberty-esque shorts and 2 bodysuits. totally wanting pants too.

nothing beats the original fabric though - we have some scraps lying around home and they are so beautiful.


beautiful! i really want to get a square scarf and display it on the wall as art like they do in the stores...