Monday, August 10, 2009


I ordered these custom made R.M.Williams boots from across the Tasman months ago - and they are FINALLY here (after a brief tiki tour on their way from the factory to the showroom). 

Having grown up in Australia, the iconic R.M.Williams brand is (for me anyway) both evocative, idealistic and down to earth. It represents the ideals, values and stories I grew up learning and absorbing.

My dad has worn R.M.Williams boots every single day of my while life (other than special events and functions - they aren't quite black tie after all). He prefers the tan and dark brown pairs. Their style and function have been ingrained in me from birth, so it's understandable that I eventually ended up wanting my own pair.

After much deliberation (and half an hour spent in the Christchurch store earlier in the year) i decided on black nubuck leather. With a chisel toe and cuban heel contrasting the masculine with the feminine. Love the elastic sides - so functional and old school. And LOVE the tabs.

Perfect cuban heel. And check out the fully rad nailed soles. Ultimate.
Boots worn with TV Leopard Leggings


blackbook said...

black with a cuban heel is my this.


They're fab, almost like an old-school riding boot.

And the best thing is they're beautiful, but they'll last forever...a rare thing these days!

Anonymous said...

they are very cool~ semi remind me of these alexander wang boot/shoes that i am OBSESSED with -