Monday, August 3, 2009

Books And Bags

I neeeed this bag. It is actually too perfect. Slouchy and natural, with amazing details. This type of leather is always my favorite - it wears in and ages. Darkening, wearing and aging. Thats the joy of leather - and why I hate the overly processed kinds most bags come in these days. This bag would show where its been and the love you've given it - and reflect that hard work it's put in for you over the years, getting even better with age.

Be&D Woodstock handbag


On the same tangent of "Classics", there's something about mountains and walls of leather bound books that I have always loved - probably because I've always grown up with our bookshelves groaning (and literally breaking) under the weight of all our books. I love a few copies I was given by my grandpa that are leather bound and gold embossed - not to mention perfectly battered and worn. Books are always best when they look like they have been read by several generations worth of bookworms.

So understandably the nerd in me is loving the Fall 09 campaign shots for Alberta Ferretti.

Alberta Ferretti Fall 2009 by Steven Meisel


Cindy said...

i love that ad, so magical. something out of hogwarts.

that bag is amazing. i agree about a love for natural leather. that's why i love old mulberry bags so much. it is true that lighter colour can get very water damaged very easily though but nothing ages better.

muse said...

oooooooooh, my favorite movie when i was a little girl was the secret garden, and this reminds of it.
i've always wanted to live in a bit of a fairy tale...

Emma said...

Love secret garden too!!!! and also The Little Princess. and anything involving girls boarding schools in england and bookworm heroines.

miky said...

love this photo!!!

Alex said...

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