Monday, August 31, 2009

Doilies and Pearls, Oysters and Shells

I fell madly and deeply in love with Romance Was Born's Summer 09/10 collection (perfectly titled) "Doilies and Pearls, Oysters and Shells" when it showed at RAFW - it was a total trip. Dreamy escapism and the ultimate fantasy. It seriously doesn't get any better than mermaid-nana-whore. I love.

Of course, knitted octopus hoodies are hard to do in real life. So when I popped into James Dobson's store Children of Vision a few months ago and he showed me the hot off the press lookbook I totally died - it was all heavenly, and actually (somewhat) wearable. Apparently it's due in store in September - I'll be in like a shot. But what to choose?!?!
Left to Right: Knit Wit Nighty, Esme Dress, Barnicle Boob Top w Decked Out Shorts

I love the delicacy of the white pieces - they look like shells that have been sunbleached from an eternity spent on the beach.
Left to Right: Rock Lobster Jacket w Rock Lobster Skirt & Lace Bodysuit, Clam Shell Smock Dress w Lace Leggings, Rock Lobster Dress

Is it wrong that I kindof want blue lace eyebrows? Probably. But I also desperately want pastel pink hair. I wonder what Mobeen at Stephen Marr would say? Parents would be aghast.
Left to Right: Barnicle Earrings w Mini Barnicle Necklace & Gossip Granny Headband, Nanna Floral Print silk scarf

The delicate lace details and intricate embellishments translate surprisingly as well into black as they do in the sugar spun hues.
Left to Right: Rock Lobster Jacket w Lace Bodysuit, Barnicle Boob Top w Gypsy Mermaid Pants, Clam Shell Dress

The swimwear is killer; both innocent and girly, and sexy/retro. I'm def going to score myself a pair of high waisted bikini briefs for summer. Tan will be interesting! Shall let you all know how I get on with that.
Left to Right: Mermaid Bikini and Clamshell Bikini

And I just had to post some of the fabrics - I am a total textile fiend. These are sumptuous and heavenly.
Left to Right: Pearl Print and Nanna Floral Print

Source: Romance Was Born Lookbook


M I A N N said...

I will be getting the Clam Shell dress for shore... haha get it.. shore.. like ocean

Emma said...

Oh dude that was too dry - i love it! I want the "Barnacle Boob" top ... Just so I can say the name over and over again.

bonnie said...

this is SO GREAT.
thanks for introducing me to this brand

Anonymous said...

I love the pink swimsuit! amazing. although i don;t know how you would wear it in the water? tips emma

fashionista said...

oh you can purchase these online though if you can't wait!

James said...

Thanks for the shout out Emma!! Yes, VERY exciting. The above sites take pre-orders, and we are also happy to do the same. Our online store is up this week - in the meantime if there is anything anyone is hanging out for shoot me an email at and we can try to sort it!!

Emma said...

No worries James! Online store sounds V exciting!

What pieces are you getting in? I am dying to come in to try on. need to decide what I want most of all - tough choices :(


Macy said...

oh my, these are awesome! I love them, especially the black pieces. The lace is to die for!

kate said...

SO GREAT. I love everything you post!