Saturday, August 8, 2009

8/06/09: Alexa

I love quirky, statement jackets and jumpers. So understandably I adore these Alexa is wearing for Marie Claire. I particularly crave that jumper on the right (its Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony).
"Alexa Chung, Queen Of Cool"
Source: Marie Claire

Alexa has also been continuing be sartorially awesome on her MTV show lately. The girls a big Lover fan - I love how she dressed down that super sexy dress. And the girls got me desperately wanting loafers. The search is on.

Great knitwear lately too - LOVE the Chanel cardie on the left, and and oversized v neck is so so classic. I live in them - c/o Mums wardrobe. Thanks Mama.


Anonymous said...

ahhh she's gorgeous. Damnnnn look at her legs. The Chanel cardigan is amazing.

Cindy said...

she's been killing it. it's so nice to have regular new looks from her now!
the leopard jumper is perfection. i actually thought of you when i first saw these pics, as it reminded me of your leggings. although i don't know about the leopard jogging suit it would create if you wore them together, lol but on it's own i know you'd wear it well!

Anonymous said...

Alexa is beautiful and has sensational style but is seriously seriously skinny.

Emma said...

Cindy: Ah i know what you mean!! haha i desperately want the TV jumper that matches my leggings.

Anonymous: I agree, it really does bother me - not as much as Julia Frakes howerver, that girl just breaks my heart :(