Friday, July 31, 2009

Karl Loves Brian Too

Brian Jones is one of my favorite male muses (along with all the other Stones - they're my boys!). He's the sole cause of my inexplicable desire to possess an american flag shirt. I also love his iconic mop of blonde hair - and crushed all over the incarnation of it that Karl put his girls in for Chanel's Resort 09 show. Makes me want to get a fringe cut into my new crop. 
Sources:, Google Images


I still think Chanel's Half Tint 5018 sunglasses from Spring 07 are one of my favorite pairs of all time. They pretty much stop you in your tracks. Bold, graphic and modern they are also chic and classic.

Source: Polyvore

And they also happened to be worn repeatedly by two of my favorite girls - Mary Kate and Nicole. Also featuring in the ever inspiring video from The Row.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Im loving ladylike little girl shoes - they have endearing qualities of naivety, innocence and class. And manage to be delicate yet practical.
Chanel Couture Spring 08 Shoes

They would go perfectly with the Floor Skirt by Juliette Hogan that I have been coveting insanely since seeing it at Showroom 22's Media Open Day. I NEED this skirt.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Midtown Crisis

The decadence and excess conveyed by this shot is mindblowing. The glamour seduces you totally.

QVEST #37 “Midtown Crisis” 

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

“A Long Day’s Journey Into Night”

I love a good old "darkandmoody" editorial. Particularly when they manage to be shot outside with some harsh sunlight and daisies, yet still manage to be strong and brooding - Katie Grand can do no wrong.
One of the things I like about Amber Valletta is that she's one of the few blondes that manage to nail a strong (almost harsh) look. Any blonde girl knows how easy it is to look overly saccharine/girly/vampy - but rarely serious or dramatic. But here she has an androgynous ferocity and power. I think the bleached out brows help too - they are back in vogue dont-cha-know.
And I don't need to say it, but Daria seriously has one of the best bodies in the business.

POP A/W 03 "A Long Day’s Journey Into Night" 

Amber Valletta, Daria Werbowy, Elise Crombez by Mert & Marcus

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Muse: Erin Wasson

Our girl Erin is amazing. Every time I see a shot of her epic tattoos I want one even more. And love the shot on the right. Makes me wish I had balance.

Birthday Debrief

Mega apologies for the delayed Birthday debrief post!! Was an amazing night - I highly recommend Vivace. And thankyou Daddy for the Bollinger!!! Tres delish.

Presents were just as lovely. I got Karen Walker's Leaf Pendant! It reminds us of gum leaves - appropriate as I'm Australian born and (mostly) bred. Works perfectly with my Jet Plane pendant.

Victor & Rolf's Flowerbomb is loovely - shall alternate with old faithful Daisy.

And got a ton of books!!! Have started with the Anna Wintour - it is AMAZING. Can not put down. 
Front Row: Anna Wintour - What Lies Beneath The Chic Exterior Of Vogues Editor In Chief by Jerry Oppenheimer,
The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger
The Truth About Diamonds by Nicole Richie
Kate Moss Style by Angela Buttolph
I'm With The Band by Pamela Des Barres
Source: Amazon

Soleils De Nuit

Love the indifference, nonchalance and glamour of these - lounging around on expensive sheets in jewels and with Chanel No.5 underfoot.

Vogue Paris March 2009 "Soleils De Nuit" 

Carmen Kass by Maciek Kobielski 

Source: Ru Glamour

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Toute Allure

I'm a total sucker for the combo of denim, white tees, jacket and a will's worth of jewelry. So classic. And that juxtaposition of casual and luxe never fails. Add a Chanel 2.55 and a coke can and I'm all yours.

Vogue Paris August 06 "Toute Allure" 

Carmen Kass by Terry Richardson from RG - 2

Source: Ru Glamour

Thursday, July 23, 2009

RUSSH July 09

Hi all - maaaajor apologies for the extreme belatedness of this post! Have had a crazy buy past few weeks with pre and actual birthday and uni stuff. But have finally got my shit together! And apologies in advance for possible dwindling in posting this weekend - am working friday night and literally aaall saturday and sunday. Oh the joys of retail.

Great issue of Russh, as always. Oh and did I mention some of my friends gave me a Russh subscription for my 21st? Awesome!!! 

"What's In Your Bag? Fashion Week Essentials"
I loved this - there's something about the insides of peoples bags that is so intimate and unique. You really see what sort of person they are (mess, neat etc) and what is important enough to them to be carted around every day. And I still ADORE that Prada bag!
Left to right: Natalie Shukur (Editor), Stevie Dance (Fashion Director), Christine Thornton (Art Director)

"Richard Prince"
Prince has been a longtime favorite artist of mine - would kill to get my hands on some prints of his. The "Girlfriend" series has always been a fave - and I loved the "Nurses" series and the collaboration with Louis Vuitton.
From the "Girlfriends" series & from the "Nurses" series
"The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter"
I love the austerity modesty of this - so evocative of puritans and a time long past. Yet it never ever verges on looking "costumey" as some others in this vein have.
This pop of colour in the middle of the spread nocks yo for six - and really emphasizes the starkness of the black and white. And I'm so digging that hat - makes me want to buy another version of the wide brimmed fedora I picked up but in black.
Isn't it awesome? And the layered fringing on that bodysuit? To die for. I would probably by twirling non stop if I had this.
The movement of the shot on the left is particularly beautiful - conveys a sense of freedom and wide open spaces. Beautiful billowing shapes from the cape and skirt.
Photographer: Benny Horne
Fashion Editor: Stevie Dance
"Sorry, No One's Home"
This is my favorite of the whole issue - the sense of nostalgia and innocence are impeccable. As is the small town ennui. The dreamlike state is evocative of The Virgin Suicides and In My Fathers Den.

I definitely need to big up more pieces in blush and pink tones - and as my hair is shorter now I feel I can wear them and look less overtly girly. Also wanting some of the Lonely Hearts lingerie (featured on the right) than I was already!

This last shot in particular is stunning - vulnerable, yearning, lonely, innocent yet womanly.
Photographer: Derek Henderson
Fashion Editor: Natalie Shukur
Model: Svetlana Lazareva @ Viviens

23/07/09: Net-A-Porter

There's something comforting, especially in winter, about rugging up in classic black, grey and white - pretty foolproof, yet still eye catching and stylish. I think it works best with a textured piece or two - particularly the luxury (and warmth!) of velvet.
Source: Net-A-Porter

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Miu Miu Fall 09 Campaign

The new Miu Miu campaign for fall stunning - the black and white combined with washed out colour really works for once (so often this can look very wrong). These are miles better than than the Katie Holmes campaign. I love the combination of the soft beiges and camels with the grey. There's a refreshing austerity and refinement but also an appealing sense of luxury - hello bejewelment!

Miu Miu Fall 2009 by Mert & Marcus 

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

Blonde On Beige

There's something so classic, simple and calm about a blonde in beige and cream - it conveys a soft, natural beauty. Love how these shots really stick to a tight palette.

Muse #18 Summer 2009 

Christina Kruse by Richard Kern

Source: Ru Glamour

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Khaki and Sequins

I love the contrasts in this; the soft, classic utilitarian-ness of the army green tees/pants  and the plaid shirts - juxtaposed with the jewelled, studded and furry details. The young model also has a beautiful innocence (this is one of the few examples when a young (looking) model really works.

ADN de la Mode

The stunning August issue of French Vogue (shot entirely by Inez and Vinoodh) has a deliciously long editorially showcasing the key fall looks from all the major designers - and they've used all the top girls and there still is a real sense of continuity.
Isabel Marant, Ferragamo & Dsquared

Miu Miu & Paul Smith

Louis Vuitton, Versace & Balmain

Prada, Fendi & Gucci

Loewe & Rick Owens

Chanel & Yves Saint Laurent

Vogue Paris August 09 "ADN de la Mode" 

By Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin 

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

Signes Particuliers

As soon as the mercury rises - I am so doing this look. classic white tee or tank underneath my leather bra from Lonely Hearts, every necklace and bracelet I own as well as some of Mama's pearls. And this editorial has only intensified my burning desire for a blatant logo tee in black and white (ideally Chanel or YSL). Sigh.

Vogue Paris August 09 "Signes Particuliers" 

Iris Strubegger by Patrick Demarchelier

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

Stella Loves Bambi Too!!!

Ohmygod stop it. Stella loves Bambi too!!!!  These are some shots from her Fall 09 campaign - hitting the September mags. It seriously doesn't get much more awesome than this. I mentioned recently to all of you that I have a never ending love for deeriness, so you can understand I am totally tripping all over this!

Source: Fashionista

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dripping In Jewels

More of this glamour trip I'm on at the moment - I'm thinking decadent birthday weekend is to blame. But it's important to admire luxury on a regular basis - as between all the routines of life (uni, work, gym, chores etc) its easy to get bogged down in the daily grind. Even the smallest things like wearing beautiful jewelry every day add a little something.

Vogue Russia August 09 

Dree Hemingway by Alasdair McLellan

Source: Ru Glamour

Siren Call

I love the blatant luxury of this editorial - both in the clothes, beauty and setting. Beyond glam! Am loving waved, side-parted hair at the moment - am def on a Jerry Hall trip.

Elle US July 09 "Siren Call" 

Valeria Dmitrienko by Alexei Hay

Source: Ru Glamour

Chaos & Harmony: Fab Wedges For Summer

So I need these "Dilemma" wedges from Chaos & Harmony's Spring/Summer 09/10 collection - they name alone is appropriate. But they also are a wedge (perfect for my sensitive feet) and black mesh with a zip detail! Hello. I NEED to get my little hands on a pair of these, asap.
And also these babies - the "Juno"

Promising Proenza

A few shots from Proenza Schouler's upcoming issue of A Magazine have been sneaking out and are very promising - this I LOVE. Round glasses, blue lips, sexy-retro pencil skirt, futuristic-goth-porn bra?! Hell yes. Can't wait to see the whole issue.
Source: The Cut

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lacey, Florally, Velvetty Goodness To See In The Big Two One

As I had been mentioning the bits and pieces I had picked up for my birthday outfit (and they general stress of me being an idiot and leaving it to the last minute) a few of you asked for an outfit post. I know I rarely do these, but I'm all shy and shit - but shall try harder. Anyway though, I was fully psyched by what I ended up piecing together - had wanted some intense shit as its my 21st so why not! And am so glad I used it as an excuse to get the bodysuit that I'd been coveting forever.
Wearing: Stolen Girlfriends Club D n B Leotard, self made skirt with Karen Walker fabric, vintage velvet jacket, vintage belt, Karen Walker Jetplane pendant, Tissot watch, makeup by MAC

Sequins and Fur

I love deliciously glam editorials - that make you want to throw on every sequin, jewel and fur you can find and go out out out. Best editorial genre - supremely ruled by Russh and French Vogue. This spread by Vogue Russia kicks some bejeweled ass too though - I'm definitely feeling a beyond awesome Jerry Hall vibe. 

Vogue Russia August 09 Sigrid Agren

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue