Saturday, July 11, 2009

The September Issue

Im going to see The September Issue at the NZ Film Festival tonight!! Am SO excited. It's meant to be even more intense than The Devil Wears Prada. Shall be wearing ubiquitous dark glasses throughout of course.

Vogue Paris August 2007 "L'Icone" Snejana Onopka

Sources: Fashion IndieModel Couture


thembi said...

I am really excited to see this! I watched a snippet of an interview with her on American 60 Minutes. She seemed quite... poised, and distant/tight lipped. Has the movie lived up to the 'expose' 'bare all' hype do you think? X

Emma said...

It was even better than I had hoped. What I really liked that although it was very revealing and there where a lot of "OHMYGOD" and laugh out loud moments, it was still quite restrained and sensitive - thoughtfull and a bit sad. The most affecting things were almost what was left unsaid (awkward silences, looks etc).