Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beauty Bible: Nailing It

So you all know I'm a nailpolish fiend - especially when it comes to strange colours. But this addiction has its perks; the lovely Kate from Beauty Bible (amazing local beauty website!!) invited me to write a piece on nailpolish, so I had a much enjoyable ramble.
Check it out here!!
Sources: Fashionista


Stephanie said...

are you wearing the mint green? I need to check out the link....i;m the associate beauty editor at LOULOU magazine and we had this debate this week with the fashion coordinator about how much to our dissapointment, we find the mint green (Chanel makes the best one i've seen yet) makes us look sick! bummer, but i don't think i'll be rocking this polish trend and i'm a polish fiend as well- it's perhaps my fave beauty accessory ;)


Emma said...

sadly now :( i am wearing my tiffany blue (which i do love).

That must be a fun job!! polish is definitely one of the easiest and least restrictive beauty item - you can have so much fun.

So the chanel isn't very flattering?? I bet it would look crap on me - bad circulation = funny coloured fingers!

Cindy said...

i love polish too and i'm always on the look out for new weird colours. my fav. right now being neon pink, beige, light purple and forest green (always my #1).

i just bought a mint green and a bright orange, as well as the matte opi dark blue so we'll see how they go when i get them in the mail..