Thursday, July 23, 2009

RUSSH July 09

Hi all - maaaajor apologies for the extreme belatedness of this post! Have had a crazy buy past few weeks with pre and actual birthday and uni stuff. But have finally got my shit together! And apologies in advance for possible dwindling in posting this weekend - am working friday night and literally aaall saturday and sunday. Oh the joys of retail.

Great issue of Russh, as always. Oh and did I mention some of my friends gave me a Russh subscription for my 21st? Awesome!!! 

"What's In Your Bag? Fashion Week Essentials"
I loved this - there's something about the insides of peoples bags that is so intimate and unique. You really see what sort of person they are (mess, neat etc) and what is important enough to them to be carted around every day. And I still ADORE that Prada bag!
Left to right: Natalie Shukur (Editor), Stevie Dance (Fashion Director), Christine Thornton (Art Director)

"Richard Prince"
Prince has been a longtime favorite artist of mine - would kill to get my hands on some prints of his. The "Girlfriend" series has always been a fave - and I loved the "Nurses" series and the collaboration with Louis Vuitton.
From the "Girlfriends" series & from the "Nurses" series
"The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter"
I love the austerity modesty of this - so evocative of puritans and a time long past. Yet it never ever verges on looking "costumey" as some others in this vein have.
This pop of colour in the middle of the spread nocks yo for six - and really emphasizes the starkness of the black and white. And I'm so digging that hat - makes me want to buy another version of the wide brimmed fedora I picked up but in black.
Isn't it awesome? And the layered fringing on that bodysuit? To die for. I would probably by twirling non stop if I had this.
The movement of the shot on the left is particularly beautiful - conveys a sense of freedom and wide open spaces. Beautiful billowing shapes from the cape and skirt.
Photographer: Benny Horne
Fashion Editor: Stevie Dance
"Sorry, No One's Home"
This is my favorite of the whole issue - the sense of nostalgia and innocence are impeccable. As is the small town ennui. The dreamlike state is evocative of The Virgin Suicides and In My Fathers Den.

I definitely need to big up more pieces in blush and pink tones - and as my hair is shorter now I feel I can wear them and look less overtly girly. Also wanting some of the Lonely Hearts lingerie (featured on the right) than I was already!

This last shot in particular is stunning - vulnerable, yearning, lonely, innocent yet womanly.
Photographer: Derek Henderson
Fashion Editor: Natalie Shukur
Model: Svetlana Lazareva @ Viviens

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