Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Getting My Marr On Tomorrow: au revoir scarecrow hair

So tomorrow I am fiiinally getting my scarecrow-like mop of hair seen to. The wizards at Stephen Marr will be working there magic. I definitely need this, have been doing a "hair detox" all year - haven't died it since November and didn't straighten for two months. Love the colour thats growing out (medium blonde) but the ends are in shockingly dry/split condition c/o it being bleached platinum a couple of years ago (my bad, sorry hair).

I've been inspired for a while by all the gorgeous natural dark blondes around - and love that as it's pretty much my natural hue it should mean low damage/maintenance.

The previously mentioned Chloe Blondes from the Spring 09 campaign are stunning.

And I have had a massive crush on Abbey Lee's hair since forever. Honorable mentions to Alyona and Edita.

Cut wise - I have made the big decision to get a short, blunt, dishevelled bob. My obscenely damaged ends NEED to come off like asap. And a shorter cut will hopefully convey an ounce of maturity. I think it will literally take a weight off my shoulders. A tousled, boyish crop has a natural and carefree feel. I particularly love Kim Noorda's cut and colour.

And you all know I have a total girl crush on Alexa Chung - particularly love her endearingly awkward crop.

The blunt, messy fringed 'do of Anna Selezneva is also one of my faves - particularly loved it in this French Vogue editorial.. But I think a fringe would be one change to many, and they tend to make me look uber young.
Wish me luck!!!

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Anonymous said...

ooh post pics! keen to see! a before and after shot wouldnt go astray haha.

Cindy said...

yes to abbey, kim's and alexa's hair. i think the bob will look amazing on you.