Friday, July 10, 2009

Birthday Wishlist

I love lists, especially of things I want - although my normal lists are usually just of the millions of things I have to do, they are still satisfying to cross off). Upcoming 21st birthday (one week! Psyched) has seen me thinking of what I'd like - I always hate having a birthday at this time of year, as stock in stores is just old winter things (of which I have usually bought what I liked already) but summer isn't in yet. So whenever asked "Emma what do you want! Just tell me!" all I can answer is "umm I don't know? sorry.." V frustrating for all parties involved. 

When it comes to birthdays, as usual I have a "Realistic" wishlist and an "Ohmygod In My DREAMS" list.

Karen Walker "Helter Skelters" - have loved these since they first came out, so have laybyed as a birthday present to myself. Excellent. 
Karen Walker "Leaf Pendant"- this is quite meaningful, as (I think) the leaves look like gumleaves. And as I grew up in Australia I find these quite touching and special.
Floral Dr Martens - I am a fiend of both Docs and the classic liberty-esque floral, therefore I NEED these.
Ksubi "Aras" in Seventies Tortoiseshell - well I did need these, but recent post-hairchop trying on at Superette revealed they tragically don't suit me anymore. Lack of hair means they swamp and overwhelm me. I did shed a tear, not gonna lie.
Rayban "Clubmasters" - Thank god I still suit (and covet) these.
Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb - I go into an olfactory trance every time I walk into Karen Walker. Pure heaven.
Converse Black Leather Hightops - I know everyone and their dog has these, but I love them. And I only like chucks in white on white or black on black. These would so go everywhere with me.
Deadly Ponies "Mr Flower Pouch" - One of my all time fave Deadly Pony bags, soft slouchy buttery perfection.
Dior "Pure Poison" - simply intoxicating. And, as I am shallow, love the bottle.


Karen Walker "Cigarette Butt Charm" - I have lusted after this FOR-EV-ER. Best charm ever ohmygod but this will never happen :( sigh.
Karen Walker "Oval Chequerboard Cocktail Ring" - likewise this, have loved since I was way back in high school. It is quite possible one of the most perfect cocktail rings - and uber wearable on a daily basis (as opposed to the intense knuckle dusters I also covet)
Stella McCartney "Wooden Platform Boots" - words can not describe. These are the ultimate.
Karen Walker "Owl Ring" - This little dude is too cute, and super symbolic/meaningful as my late grandmother collected little owls statues (I'm lucky enough to have some of her collection - they are insane)
Alexander Wang "Oversized Metallic Sweater Dress" - I am a massive fan of big ovesized tees/sweaters (comfort/body hiding/warm/etc) and this is possible the godfather of all.


Anonymous said...

I like the realistic wishlist waaay better!

I'm (hopefully) getting my hands on those skelters on sale soon! x fingers they don't sell out too quickly.

P.s Have you seen those Stella McCartney knock offs at Wildpair? They're of surprisingly good quality...


Emma said...

Do you like the black or the tortoiseshell HS's better? man i can't wait to pay my pair off! so excited!!

Ah yes i have heard about the Wild Pair ones - they are by Siren right? Glad to hear they are decent quality! I might have to check them out!!! naturally I "need" them as my feet are to crappy to wear heels haha.


kirsten said...

my friend has the owl ring, but just plain silver, it looks awesome on

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