Thursday, July 16, 2009

Alexa Alexa Alexa

Alexa has been kicking sartorial ass lately. Perfect mix of tomboy/little girl/grandma - one has to wonder what the stateside audience of her MTV show think of it?
Special mention for these babies... I had a heart attack when I saw them - they are PERFECT. By Acne, but aren't on their site yet. My god I love these.



Cindy said...

she so amazing. it's completely unfair the show doesn't air in canada. but, i check the mtv site and her fashion spot every day to see what she was wearing on the show. every look has been perfection. she even coerced me into getting her ysl ring.
those acne shoes are pretty spectacular. perfect for an aussie winter i think and the sophomore dress i'm in love with. sophomore is such a great line. again i wish it was more accessible in canada.

Miss T said...

Love the style, but her legs are so thin, she looks freakishly anorexic.