Wednesday, July 15, 2009

two one

Twenty Firsts are quite exciting things! Am counting down to mine this saturday night. Have half my outfit - a totally sick long sleeved lace bodysuit by Stolen Girlfriends Club (have been coveting it for forever, and this was the perfect reason to purchase) and am halfway through sewing a gorgeous skirt out of the floral fabric from Karen Walker's "Angels" collection I picked up in their sale. And invites have been posted - below is the front of them, am quite pleased. Excited excited excited.
Sources: Scans, Fashion Gone Rogue

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Cindy said...

so exciting. i had a great 21st! i'm sure yours will be lovely and your outfit sounds amazing. make sure to take photos! lol. but i bet you knew i'd ask that.

speaking of karen walker. i still dream about the red marching band sweater/jacket thing she did two? seasons ago. ohh how i want it.