Sunday, July 12, 2009

Alexander Wang Fall 09 Accessories

Am currently lying in bed feeling ill and sorry for myself - so I think some accessory-porn c/o the obscenely talented Alexander Wang is in order.

This backpack is possibly one of the best bags I have ever seen. And so refreshing and has a trippy combination of edgy danger and youthfull innocence (well when did you last wear a backpack). I have been searching for the perfect vintage black leather backpack for a while now. But shall keep dreaming of this one.
Leather Vest Shoulder Bag

Equally killer are the boots. So wrong they are right. The left for night and right for day - totally uni appropriate? Just a little bit?
Hanne Triple Buckle Boots & Frankie Creeper Combat Style Low Boots

And hello there, yes he has done a bum-bag. This has been a secret want of mine for a while now (haven't yet had the guts to tell anyone I want one of these yet). And what better way to do a bumbag than with THIS one.
Denim Effect Bag Belt


Baby Onesies said...

Beautiful really...

ana b. said...

I like to call them fanny packs. And my lust for the fanny pack is pretty public! This has my vote.