Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Aaand.. Cut.

Chop chop. So I did it. Had my appointment at Stephen Marr today. Actually could not get to sleep last night because of excitement - what am I? Like five? Had a last look/feel of my hair this morning - cringed at the feel of my split ends.

Stephen Marr was pure heaven. Everyone was insanely nice and uber skilled. And I had the most delicious tea ever (lemon and grapefruit - and it was pink!) in a floral china cup. Sigh.

Was beyond impressed at the whole experience and can't believe what a good job they did - I took in pictures etc and the final product was even better than what I imagined. Mobeen idea and execution were above spot on - and cutting skills were v amazing.

So I'm pretty much in love with my do - it's more a "chop" as opposed to a "bob" and is blunt but soft. Exactly what I wanted - the perfect hybrid of teenage boy, little girl, modern woman. I actually feel two years older and way more mature - no longer have the hair I had when I was seventeen. Thank god.

Literally a weight off my shoulders - feels light, carefree and breezy.

So yup, am psyched and SO unbelievably greatful (and impressed!!!) by the whole team at Stephen Marr and everyone involved - and everyone who has put up with my incessant complaining about my battered hair for the past forever.


Anonymous said...

Wow you look amazing! Very sleek & chic.

Can I just ask approx. how much they charge? I'm contemplating doing something new to my long locks too!


Emma said...

Thanks sweety! I definitely recommend doing this - especially if you want to feel a bit more mature. I feel both womanly and boyish at the same time.

I'd go in and maybe have a consultation or call up and they could probably to a quote?

the cost of getting my hair done my whole life has always varied heaps - and it tends to drink up colour like there's no tomorrow.

Good luck Lulu! let me know what you decide!

Anonymous said...

wow it does make you look way older. they did a nice job! Not too cliched like other sharp bobs or posh bobs around lol.
kate :)

Stephanie said...

it's such a great look on you!!!!

I ADORE the first "after" shot- the hair flipped like that really illustrates how soft and light it is now. and it just looks amazing with a little toss over to the side!


Cindy said...

this cut really makes your features pop. i love the rich colour too. amazing job emma!

Emma said...

Thanks everyone!!!! If you have been contemplating a chop for as long as i have, just do it - but it helps going somwhere where they are uber skilled.

Ah i still love. just woke up, and have started looking in every mirror/window already. it's perfect. and love that it's boyish without being an actual boys haircut. excellent.


murray said...

hey emma! looks fantastic! glad you were courageous enough to get the chop. but hey, when's mobeen's in charge what can go wrong?? :)

Juliet said...

Which one did you go to, Ponsonby or Newmarket? Lauren at Ponsonby cuts my hair, she is amazing - if anyone has curls I highly recommend her and she will make them look even radder. To who-ever asked how much, it usually costs me $110 or $120, you get a $10 student discount sometimes!