Saturday, July 11, 2009

Leather Legs

Okay so I am on cloud nine right now.... I FINALLY found a pair of leather leggings!!!! Was walking out of Black Box when I noticed a pile of buttery soft Claude Maus leather leggings. Actually had a heart attack - raced to the fitting room. They are so perfect. Naturally I laybyed asap. Can't wait to be reunited with these - I've been searching for the perfect pair of leather leggings/pants for about four years now.



Anonymous said...

Those leggings look absolutely beautiful! I like that they're a bit slouchy - looks more like pants than actual leggings. Show us pix when you wear them ;)

oh and how cool is this fur vest/top!? LOVE!

(re previous comment) - I'm getting the tortoise shell HS. Way more versatile than black imo...


Cindy said...

love love love.

i want a pair too.
must do an outfit post when you get them.

noirohio vintage said...

these are amazing!!

noirohio vintage said...

these are amazing!!