Friday, July 10, 2009

Couture Fall 09: Jean Paul Gaultier

Never thought I'd say this.. But my fave things from the Fall Couture shows this year was the tricked out overalls by Jean Paul Gaultier in his homage to Old Hollywood and the golden age of film- Croc skin, gold sequins - hello!!!! Paired with intense furs and sexy sideswept waves? Yes please! This has only made me need overalls/dungarees even MORE - alas Trademe has not provided (not impressed) shall have to use my little feet to have a big search, Pity I wont be able to find any to remotely rival these babies.
That geometric gold piece is the best possible mash up between retro sex kitten and retro futuristic origami. Top marks.

I would die for the fur edged gold dressing gown/coat that Poly got to wear - even she looks like its heavenly soft. More retro futurism in centre - this time playing with a strong deco vibe.
And I'm not gonna lie, I always love a matelot stripe and a sailor hat.


Zoe Bee said...

Lover do a beautifully simple pair of overalls in 100% fine Italian wool, which you can view in their online store. unfortunately, they do not deliver from the online store outside of Australia, otherwise I would have myself a pair by now! I haven't seen any stores in NZ which got some in last season... although, I do agree a glitzy pair like those of JPG's would be amazing! I have been following your blog for a month or so now and am an avid fan. you seem well-researched and always have a great opinion to share! the collages are awesome, too.
xx Z

Emma said...

Oh thankyou so much sweety!!! Things like that really make my day.

Yah I drooled over the Lover pair online - hate how we get a limited amount of their pieces. Wool would have been so cosy too. Perfect winter "necessity"


Cindy said...

he's a genius. that's it.