Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lacey, Florally, Velvetty Goodness To See In The Big Two One

As I had been mentioning the bits and pieces I had picked up for my birthday outfit (and they general stress of me being an idiot and leaving it to the last minute) a few of you asked for an outfit post. I know I rarely do these, but I'm all shy and shit - but shall try harder. Anyway though, I was fully psyched by what I ended up piecing together - had wanted some intense shit as its my 21st so why not! And am so glad I used it as an excuse to get the bodysuit that I'd been coveting forever.
Wearing: Stolen Girlfriends Club D n B Leotard, self made skirt with Karen Walker fabric, vintage velvet jacket, vintage belt, Karen Walker Jetplane pendant, Tissot watch, makeup by MAC


Cindy said...

so pretty! happy birthday emma!
i love the skirt! amazing fabric an i love the "paperbag" design.

Anonymous said...

LOVE it! gorgeous, happy bday. Heels?

Briar said...

Wow you look totally awesome!! uv inspired me to go get some of that KW fabric.. but please tell me the vintage velvet jacket wasnt from savemart?? i saw one just like it there a few weeks ago and kept meaning to go back and get it..!

Ps. Happy 21st birthday!! :)

Emma said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

Heels were t-bar wedges - old faithfulls as I didnt want my night to end early because of sore feet haha.

Briar - you can breathe, the jackets just from my local salvo shop. I hope the savemart one is still there waiting for you!! Velvet jackets are soo good - luxe, comfy, warm!!