Sunday, July 12, 2009

The September Issue

Sooo went to see The September Issue at The Civic for the Film Festival last night (braved the wind and gales - arrived looking like a bedraggled teenage boy. Great. Anyway...
... The film was even better than I had hoped! The draaama was insane - totally beat down Devil Wears PradaWhat I really liked that although it was very revealing and there where a lot of "OHMYGOD" and laugh out loud moments, it was still quite restrained and sensitive - thoughtfull and a bit sad. The most affecting things were almost what was left unsaid (awkward silences, looks etc). Both Anna and Grace Coddington come across as incredibly talented, strong women - but you definitely see a vulnerability to both. Coddington seems heartbroken at time that so many of her exceptional and beloved spreads get killed. And Anna has obviously been affected by the fact her family find what she does a bit of a joke. Andre Leon Talley came across as a bit of a clown - decked out in Louis Vuitton for "tennis" anyone? 

If you have the chance to see this - definitely do. And although it was meant to expose the industry a bit (harshness, superficiality etc) it only made me love it more.

Image Source: Nitrolicious

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