Thursday, July 16, 2009

Deer Emma Cook

I pretty much adore everything Emma Cook does - especially the mindblowingly patterned lace tights and dresses she did for Fall 08, and her now famous (and impossible to get) platform brothel creeper boots for TopShop. So when I heard she and TopShop had collaborated again, I knew I would love. And I do. Of the seven pieces my pick is the delicate tee (is that silk/cotton?) with a fab deer and doily print - just kitschy enough. And perfectly executed in the soft grey.

I've been obsessed with deer (and there kin of reindeers, mountain goats etc - basically anything with a sweet pair of horns and long legs) since forever. Probably because of childhood love of Bambi. So this I need!!!
Source: Refinery29

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Cindy said...

love it too. she is an incredible designer. it will be a dream if i could get my hands on a pair of those boots