Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Retro Wristwatch

Im loving deliciously retro watches at the moment. Cute, ironic and a world away from both the uber-bling types and the more minimal. The best look clunky and retro-futuristic, or are kitschy plastic homages to the classic Rolex shape - think Toy Watches. Locally, Good As Gold have a fab selection and Superette have quite a few different styles of Toy Watches.
Clockwise: Timex80 Digital Waterproof Watch, Casio Databank Watch, Triwa Great White III, Timex80 Digital Gold Tone Watch, Casio Digital Watch.

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Shopaholic said...

OMGosh, that Casio digital one is so cool! I think I even remember my dad having one of those! Calculator on your wrist, how handy!