Thursday, July 2, 2009

Burgundy Velvet & Tiffany Blue

I spent yesterday making velvet leggings, and wore the burgundy pair out lastnight. So amazingly warm (def a winter must have). And they were super easy and cheap to whip up!
I also picked up some tiffany-blue nailpolish - so lovely. Photo doesn't do it justice though - flash washed the colour out.


liviana said...

well done on the leggings lady..
they look awesome!

i've been wanting to try make some myself, but i need a pattern.. i'm way to chicken to wing it lol

loving the rings an nailpoish too.

love love liv <3

Emma said...

You should def try - i used a Kwik Sew pattern but altered it a bit in the cutting/making process. cut the legs 3inches longer (and they are still slightly too short). Soooo easy - Im never buying leggings again haha.

Anonymous said...

what brand/number is the nail polish?
I've been coveting that colour for ever!

hélène said...

Good god i love that watch!

Emma said...

The polish is just a cheapo I got from my local chemist - it's "Colour Club" in Blue Light. I hope you find it!!!

Helene: The watch is a Tissot :) i call it my "seventies porno watch"

Juliet. said...

I have that leopard ring too, but in silver! Where abouts did you buy your velvet from?

Cindy said...

love the leggings. nice on you that you did them yourself!
love the watch too.

Emma said...

velvet was just from spotlight :)