Friday, May 15, 2009

Showroom 22's Media Open day for Summer 09/10

I was super lucky to get to go to Showroom 22's Media Open Day yesterday - all their designers were showing their summer 09/10 collections. All the ranges were amazing - was so so exhausted from talking to the designers for 3 hours straight but was on such a high afterwards! Best arvo I have had for a long long time.

Juliette Hogan
I actually can't get the skirt on the left out of my head. The instant I saw it on the Juliette Hogan rail I fell in love. It's simply heavenly; knife pleated, semi-sheer, fluid, femine and crazy-elegant. I would live in this year round - tights for winter, or boy leg briefs for summer. So hot with a soft loose tank. I just don't know which colour I like best? There was the ballerina pink (as shown), a cream or a black. Maybe I need two?

Bettina Liano
The night before, I had coincidently just watched a sneak peek clip of Bettina Liano's new campaign video on Patty Huntingtons Frockwriter blog - if you havn't seen it, do. Jessica Hart is stunning. We loved their sexy denim - especially the distressed, faded, superhot O Leg Shredded (they feature in the clip). The leggings with studs across the rear would also be an amazing wardrobe stable if I can get my hands on them. The loose silky shorts would be pretty much lived in all summer long (and then in winter with wooly tights and boots). And love the shredded black tee - they also do a tank version.

Alexandra Owen
Alexendra Owen's collection took our breath away - the origami-like folding and draping was so beautiful. The range had the most modern, soft tailoring that I think I've ever seen in the flesh. Stand outs were definitely the white top on the left (it comes in black, but I prefer it in white as I like the paper-like effect it created) and the stunning blue silk pieces (the exact colour of a perfect blue sky). The girls representing Owen were super sweet too, answering all our rambling questions and putting up with our repeated exclamations of "Wow.. But how is that done? How does that work? Wow!".

Kathryn Wilson
Wilson is pretty much every kiwi girl's favorite shoe designer - and she just gets better and better every season. I think Brigette and I spent about 40 whole minutes standing in front of her display shelf? God knows what Wilson thought! It was all just so so beautiful. We both are INSANELY coveting Bragwanath heel (pictured) but are torn between all the beautiful colourways. After about half an hour I decided I HAVE to have the nude/black pair. So stunning.

Ps: I'll be posting about the AMAZING TwentySevenNames collection when I get home from work tonight - I am pretty sure Brigette and actually died a bit in side from love. It is insanely awesome. I actually want it all. x
Sources: Showroom 22


B B said...

how amazing is the bettina short film
holy crap i almost passed out with excitement when i saw it!!

Miann said...

All of these are beautiful. You're very lucky. What's your occupation (as fucked up creepy as that sounds..)


Emma said...

So lucky, it was amazing. All so beautiful - just wait till you see Twentysevennames. Oh not creepy at all (Im always super curious about what the bloggers I follow do "for real"). Me, I study fashion design at uni and have 2 jobs (one of which in fashion retail) so am a very busy girl - it keeps me out of trouble haha.