Monday, May 11, 2009

Black #10: The Boys

The menswear editorials in the latest Black magazine blew my mind. Completely and totally loved them (way more than the womens' for once). Incredibly  grungy, sexy and semi androgynous. I would so wear what they are. Stunning models - different to the usual models you see around (ripped all american beefcakes or skinny little slips of boys with better pouts than the girls).

This is undoubtably one of the best eds I have seen anywhere in a long time. Everything is just insanely stunning; rich contrast of the lighting, amazing grungy clothes - paired with nailpolish. All the looks have a sexy, worn in and rumpled quality (morning after much?). And there's a shit load of my favorites like Stolen Girlfriends Club, Friedrich Gray, Ksubi and Chronicles of Never - most of it supplied by the heavenly store that is Black Box. And I love the long haired guy - I have a total soft spot for guys with long hair.

Stay Away From Being Maybe
Love the roughed up and layered white shirts here (I've got them on the brain, we are studying/designing them at uni at the mo). Super hot waistcoats, and love love a guy in a fur jacket. The v successful Levi Clarke is awesome in this. Such a different (and quite uniquely kiwi look).


The Churchword said...

Hi Emma, thank you so much for your wonderful comments on the latest Black. It means a lot to Grant and I when we receive feedback like this and makes it all worthwhile...keep up the good work yourself, your blog is great! Rachael...

Emma said...

Hi Rachael.
Thankyou so much for your super sweet comment! It means alot, and am so proud you like my blog! And let me say again that the latest issue was simply breathtaking - every issue just gets better and better!
Regards and thanks,

Anna Fitzpatrick said...

the model in the first pics is Vinnie, another classic nz male model.