Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Black #10: The Girls & The Jewelry

The rest of Black's tenth issue is equally fab. 

The Waiting Comes In Waves
I so love the editorial of Kim Noorda. The colours are simply gorgeous and the juxtaposition of fabrics is great (tule, cashmere, silk, either). And those shoes are to die for - the brown leather stops them being too bondage.
Im 99.9% sure the jacket on the left is a Rick Owens - I would give my first born for one of his leather jackets. Its also nice to see those embellished Gucci pants from their now iconic (and much referenced/copied) Fall 08 collection.
Ps: Does Noorda make anyone else seriously want to get a messy bob? Or is it just me?

Karen Walker Jewelry
Love these ads, so stunning and quirky. The nostalgia of the ornament makes the jewelry even more special - gives it a sense of tradition and an heirloom quality.

Deadly Ponies Precious
Love that the amazingly talented Deadly Ponies do jewelry now. I've been semi-obsessed with their creamy flower pieces ever since I saw one at Superette when they first came out. There is something stunningly aged and primal about them (very different to typical flower based jewelry). Also, as I have also been obsessed with the solid fragility of bell jars my whole life, I love this shot; so evocative and shrine-like.

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Cindy said...

1. kim shoot, amazing. those strappy boots are insane
2. the bob is so cute, like alexa chung's new hair, great for summer
3. agree completely about the rick owens
4. these posts are really tempting me to spend money, lol.