Friday, May 15, 2009

Showroom 22's Media Open day for Summer 09/10: Volume Two

Wish I could have posted this in the morning today, but sadly uni/gym/work combo got in the way. Heres the d-low from the rest of our amazing afternoon at Showroom 22's Media Open Day;

The suits and shirts from Working Style were heavenly. I am a total sucker for menswear - and only buy mens shirts, women's generally just do not fit me properly (cursed with broad shoulders. But I like mens shirts better anyway, so its a perk). Gorgeous fine corduroy jackets - so elegant. Eddie and Tim were super nice as well - and put up with me saying the jackets were cute - sorry guys, not an ideal operative word for menswear. My bad.

Source: Sherieyvonne

Amazing details from this collection; inserts, multiple collars and reversible pieces. And I loved the cut out shoulder details. 

The collection from TwentySevenNames is to die for - we were so excited we were practically hyperventilating. It was an amazing sartorial lovechild of Jimi Hendrix and the nineties. Insanely cool.

Loved the peach and white denim pieces - such a fresh take on ubiquitous pieces like the vest, jacket and cutoffs. Such perfect summer hues too.
Left to Right: Peaches short shorts, Peaches denim jacket & Sleeveless cut off denim vest

I am seriously coveting the tee on the left. The image doesn't do it justice - its the palest neutral pink, like dirty ballerina tights - in the BEST possible way, I am pretty much obsessed with that colour right now. Its delicately sheer and I would definitely thrash this.
Left to Right: Basic scoop neck tee, Jimi-James tshirt dress, Crush with eyeliner skirt

The cropped tops were all heavenly - the zip lace would be great even for winter. And the stripe is cute, nautical and I love the slightly long crop length. Would most probably buy it a size or two too big I think.
Left to Right: Little kicks lace cardi, Monterey pop crop top, Lace cardi and Lace tights

So much angelically sexy white lace. Brigette and I both NEED that bodysuit. Much to her disapproval however I really loved those little briefs. Wearable? Surely... Somehow..
Left to Right: Little wing bodysuit, Art star check dress, Slip-knot lace dress, Lace knickers

Love the jeans and leggings that featured knee patches! I made a beeline for these when I saw the cute little suede patch peeking out of the rail.
Left to Right: Oxford knit zip jeans, Oxford patched tights

Standouts investment pieces were definitely these two stunning jackets. The frogging on the left is all hand done (and amazing). The suede fringe jacket is actually quite slick - has amazing panels on the arms and elbow.
Left to Right: Jimi Jacket, Joplin Jacket


Héléna D. said...

Wah super beau mais c'est pas un petit peu cher tout cela ? :)

Emma said...

translation please? My french isn't quite good enough to understand your whole comment sorry.

Cindy said...

love the joplin, so lovely.