Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Met's Costume Institute Gala 09: Neo-Supers

Unsurprisingly, the models kicked ass on the red carpet at The Met Ball. The neo-supers all looked mind blowing - and super fresh. This is why they are payed the big bucks and front pretty much everything. They look to die for on the runway, in editorial, in candids and on the red carpet.

My three all time faves looked stunning. Trust Erin to blow everyone away in some insane zipped leather pants. That girl is an icon. Sasha looks absolutely ethereal and yet somehow earthy at the same time. I LOVE her hair. Best of the night. Daria gives a tiny sparkly dress edge and mystery (total opposite of what we saw on Giselle).
Left to Right: Erin Wasson in Phi, Sasha Pivovarova in Giambattista Valli & Daria Werbowy in Balmain

The other big names looked amazing too. Anja is made for Balmain (her shoulders do worry me somewhat though...). Miranda manages to be super sexy but not vulgar. Caroline looks like a total princess - every girls dream, and I could SO see that dress on an Olsen (probably MK). I can't tell you how much Im dying for that insane chainmail dress by Alexander Wang that Lara is wearing. She's got the figure to wear it instead of it wearing her.
Left to Right: Anja Rubik in Balmain, Miranda Kerr in Jil Sander, Caroline Trentini in John Galliano, Kerr, Alexander Wang & Lara Stone in Alexander Wang.
Source: Fasionologie


Cindy said...

daria was my fav too. she always kills it. erin really pulled it off too and im so sick of her so i was surprised i liked it so much. you can't deny great style. i'm with you about anja too. i love this girl but she looked very frail.

Anonymous said...

haha miranda kerr not vulgar? serious?? have you seen a close up of the dress???

Emma said...

Ohmygosh had not seen those shot! Holy crap!! Is she not cold?!?! And from the right angles people can probably see EVERYTHING. How she has the guts (and body warmth) to wear this i dont know! Thanks anon :D

Anonymous said...

haha i know!!but from your pic (far away) she looks very nice haha... reminds me of that dress Rose McGowan wore to an awards ceremony a few years ago?the one where, from the back, she was pretty much naked except for a few pieces of string across her pasty bum!

Emma said...

Speaking of which Anon, that infamous McGowan dress was in a magazine recently ("Outrageous Red Carpet Moments" or something). And my mum went on about it (in horror and disgust) for a good 20 minutes! Couldnt believe it understand what McGowan was thinking. But then I told her it was when she was with Marilyn Manson. And she said "Oh. I see." I had to lol a bit.