Saturday, May 2, 2009

RAFW: Karla Spetic, Beat Poet & Kirrily Johnston

Sorry I've been a bit behind posting, It's been a hectic last half of a week - ton of uni, and had to work. And had 5:20am wakeups (and four hours sleep so I could finish my design assignment). Its been hard to keep up with all the fantastic coverage coming out of Australia (thank god for the likes of Isaac, Patty Huntington and Melissa Hoyer) - don't even get me started on the tsunami of it on twitter!

I'm a total sucker for outfits in washed out pastels - so I love these tan and bright-baby-blue looks from Karla Spetic. Have also been pretty much obsessed with scalloped edges ever since the Spring 09 collections of Christopher Kane and Chloe.
Love the washed out semi-kitsch floral pieces too - those leggings are to die for.

I love (and wear) menswear nearly as much as I do womens. Half the time I look like a boy anyway - much to my fathers chagrin. I just find that their tees and shirts fit me so much better than womens ones.

Understandably I pretty much died when I saw the Beat Poet collection - this is how all males should dress. A bit dark, a bit tailored.. And just enough badass grungyness. The skinny jeans look great paired with the tailored jackets coats and vests. How often do you see men in a white skinny jean and it actually looks good?
Love the vest over the sheer sleeves in the fourth look along. And that coat in the second is pretty much perfection.

Gorgeous palette at the Kirrily Johnston show - creams, whites and washed out oranges. V warm but soft. Love the contrast with the black pieces and the slicked back (and wrapped around necks) hair. Badass boots too!

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