Wednesday, May 13, 2009

13/05/09: Booties

I think it's time for some blatant shoe porn. I've been obsessed with platform booties for forever now (am STILL searching for a pair of wedge ankle boots a la Sam Edelman - haven't come close unfortunately). But these all are super hot - if so far out of my financial stratosphere it's not even funny. But thats the point of shoe porn.

Donna Karan
Clockwise: Metallic shearling flexi-clog lace-up sandal, Tamponato alligator halter back bootie & Annaconda calfskin oxford bootie.

Brian Atwood
These are gorgeous - so slick and sharp and futuristic, yet so so primal.
Clockwise: Suede bootie, Python bootie with elastic lace detail, Alligator bootie.

I pretty much died when I saw these on the catwalk. Insanely perfect and the epitome of "Don't Fuck With Me" shoes.
Left to Right: Leather lace-up rubber soled platform biker boot & Braided strap rubber soled platform sandal.



Cindy said...

love the lace up burberry's and the zip up croc platforms in the first picture. aldo did a similar pair in plaid and in patent last fall but without the cutout. i bought them but returned them as i could barely walk in them but there's a picture of them on my blog.

Emma said...

Oh super hot!! I need some sexy new shoes - have only been purchasing boy boots lately (sensible, cool, dontfuckwithme) but nt fun and sexy. So have decided to resume my search for those Balenciaga/Olsen-esque Sam Edelmans. Any tips for success? x

Anonymous said...

Super don't f**k with me shoes!

Woe betide the man who tries, - one kick and it's all over!

Very powerful & very sexy

Mike Martlet ;-)